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How much have you and your FI/DH travelled?

Are you mad travellin' continent hopping adventure lovers? Or are you first timers ready to take the plunge?

Re: How much have you and your FI/DH travelled?

  • The only 'real' vacations we've been on together is Cancun for 5 days in '05 and Vegas in '06 for a weekend (arrive late Fri night and left Mon afternoon).

    His mom and step dad have a trailer on a lake a couple of hours away that we've gone to (usually when his family is there) so even though it's a little getaway, it's not a real vacation IMO.

    So yeah we're ready for a real vacation.

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  • dh and i traveled a LOT before we got married. i've always traveled a lot and it's important to me-and him. we travel even more now after we've been married for years.


  • Is this only together?

    I lived and traveled through Australia, on the way I went to CA and on the way home I went to Fiji.  
    I have been to 25 states.  
    I now live in London, where I met FI, he is English.  I have been to Ireland, Belgium, and India since moving here without FI.  
    We went through out England,m France and to a few states together.  
    He has been to about 17 states, maybe 15 European countries.  
    We are going to Spain together this summer.
    We are going to Thailand for our HM.

    So over all I'm not sure how to vote in this poll.  
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  • NCV2 love the Taj picture.  I have traveled a lot..but not with FI.  Spent a semester abroad, did the spring break thing every year in college, and have had an older dad (he was 50 when I was born) so he retired when I was 12 and every summer we traveled.  Haven't done India though.  Right now I am about creating new memories with my FI since going to Europe with my dad created a different perspective.  I love to travel and found a man who loves it too!  Can't wait to begin our life learning new cultures and discovering all that is out there!
  • We've traveled quite a bit compared to most people we know.  Europe is our destination of choice (we're up to 13 countries now).
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  • We've both lived and studied abroad for at least 3 years each, and we've traveled a lot alone and together.  We've both been to Europe, Asia, South America, tons of states in the USA and Mexico.  And Canada, of course since we really love to ski ;)
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    I traveled a ton without FI. Studied abroad for a semester each in Costa Rica, Spain, and South Korea, worked for just about a year in Mexico. I've also been to Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Morocco, Italy, England and numerous destinations statewide and in Canada. FI never really traveled a lot internationally before meeting me, although he has been all over the country.

    With FI, our first trip ever together was to Key West. Since then we've been to the Bahamas, Cancun, central Mexico area (when he came to visit me), and then Ireland last year. For our honeymoon we're going to Paris and Belgium. Our big trip we hope to do in a couple of years is SE Asia.

    I probably love to travel abroad more than he does, but he still loves going to new places and experiencing new things so it works out :)
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  • We really enjoy traveling! FI didn't travel as much before we met, but he did backpack through Europe for a couple of weeks after he graduated from high school.

    I've studied abroad in Mexico, been to London and Paris, several cruises around the Caribbean, Mexico & Belize, and enjoy vacations around the US.

    We're on a travelling hiatus while we save for the wedding, but we're already planning a big trip to Europe for our first anniversary (we're doing Mexico for the honeymoon because we just want to relax).  Hopefully get in some more big trips before we settle down to have kids.
  • We went to disney when we were engaged and then went to Cancun for our honeymoon.... then again to disney last summer and then in October will be our second trip to Mexico.... my view is if you can do Disney with 2 kids you can do anything :)
  • FI and I are huge travelers and that's one of our biggest hobbies and are really looking forward to seeing more and more of the world together. I also think it's very important to take vacations together before getting married. You really get to see what it's like to be with someone 24/7 and be in a different environment. My ex and I got along great but then we took a cruise together and bickered A LOT for the last half of the trip because we got so sick of each other. Everything he did annoyed me... ughhh. But when FI and I started taking trips together they were so romantic and we enjoyed every second of it and were always planning our next trip together with excitement.  
  • Wait is this poll for us together or separately because I'd be a travel pro on my own but together we'd be intermediate. 
  • well FI  and I met online. He was in Australia and I was in the US.. so we did our fair share of flying back and forth :P.. When we lived in the US we traveled to about 10 different states and when we moved over to Oz we did a roadtrip from Perth to Melbourne (about 1500 miles). We actually flew together for the first time in March, we went up to the Gold Coast of Australia.. Before FI, I'd traveled to Canada, Mexico and I've probably been to at least 1/2 the states... My FFIL is from England and FI lived there for a while as a boy so that's next on our list... Along with Bali, Thailand and Vietnam... saving up for a HUGE holiday for our first anniversary.. we'll also be traveling back to the US for the wedding in November :) can't wait to see my mom!

  • Well, I've been to a few international places.  I lived in Germany as an Au Pair, taught at an English camp in China, and vacationed in Jamaica.  My FI however, has never even flown.  Together, we've taken a few smaller trips along the east coast like upstate NY (where he proposed!) and Florida.
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  • We spent 4 weeks in Southeast Asia last summer, can't wait for our next big trip, the honeymoon (hopefully we'll be able to take 2 weeks, but that depends on our job situations).
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    interesting question..i'd say confident. we've traveled a decent amount. we live in ny & we fly to san fran & ft lauderdale & do road trips to PA a few times a year plus montreal & other random trips. i haven't traveled over seas with him yet though. i travel a lot but he's never been! we're still not sure but we really want to go to japan for our honeymoon!! =]
  • wow some of u girls get around :P

    we've travelled a fair bit we met in germany(he was in the army and i was an aupair) so we regularly took trip to france, switzerland and austria. Hes been to another few countrys with work he went to hungary,norway and poland. and we did a roadtrip together, we went to berlin, then to prague. Ive been holidaying to different european countries since i was a kid, like spain, tunisia, greece, gran canaria. I'm from england so fi came to meet my fam and we drove to scotland together, ive been to ireland because i was a nanny for a fam who where irish. ive visited florida and newyork when i was in school and then when i moved here with fi, we travelled to atleast 6 states, most of it was done apart so we are hoping to become pro travellers together.

  • Total pro, both with FI and without him!  We've both been to over 20 countries and 35+ states.  We've survived a lot of travel craziness together, from dysentery in India to the Ferry From Hell from Egypt to Jordan to cockroaches on the train to 125 degree heat, and we're not afraid to go to random, far-flung locations :)  We're continuing the fun with a trekking trip in Nepal for part of our honeymoon.  FI is a great travel companion and our interests are mostly in line.  Travel is our favorite thing to do together!

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    We did a completely 'by the seat of your pants' trip to Costa Rica which was in-freaking-credible.  We've done trips to Disney World, the Florida Keys, Mexico, DC, NY, Boston.  We have tickets booked for San Diego and a Europe Trip - Vienna, Munich, and Paris.  Individually, we've been all over.

    Honestly, if we had the money we'd drop off the grid for a year.  He studied abroad in Hungry and backpacked most of Europe on his own, I studied abroad in China and Spain and backpacked for 2 months solo.  I travel to Mexico, the Mid-East, and Asia for work.  Neither of us have been to Africa, and we've talked about doing that as a honeymoon.
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  • FI and I have gone to Cuba in '08, Vegas in '09, Myrtle Beach in '10, and will be going to St Lucia for honeymoon this year as well. Next year I'm taking him to Lebanon (where I'm from!) and we'll probably stop in Portugal on the way to visit my best friend.

    I've travelled way more that he has (New York, a few places around Canada, Italy, Russia, England, Lebanon, Syria, Amesterdam.. and I'll be going to Germany in October this year too). The only other place he's been to is Dominican Republic.
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    Our honeymoon is actually way more laid back and less exotic than some vacations! It's just a B&B in Napa valley. Last year we went to the UK (London and Edinburgh) for 11 days.

    FI has traveled more than me. I've only been to Europe and North America. He lived in New Zealand for a year and has been to Australia and Japan as well. And he lived in Germany for a semester and has been to more European countries than I have.
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  • I studied abroad last summer in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and France), and I have been to the Bahamas and several US states.  My FI has never been out of the country for vacation---only for his two tours Iraq and Kuwait (those don't count!)  I'm trying to convince him to go to Italy for our honeymoon. 
  • Together we have been to Vegas, Outer Banks 5 times, Myrtle Beach, Disney twice, San Fran, LA, San DIego, Cabo, Riviera Maya & Playa del Carmen,  DC & Baltimore, Milwaukee, A few places in Vermont, OCMD twice, camping trip to Blacksburg, Madrid & Barcelona.  For our honeymoon, we are doing Rome, all over the Amalfi Coast, Venice & Paris.

    Individually, I have been to Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and plenty of states.  I'm sort of obessed with the thought of traveling together - taking a few big trips over the next couple of years before we start having kids.  I'd love to do Australia, SE Asia, Ireland/London/Belgium trip, Prague, South America - pretty much everywhere!
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