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turning an old dress into something new

I have a dress that I would like to change a little. It's a halter-style and I would like to turn it strapless with a few added-on embellishments. Since money is always an issue, I want someone who is reasonable and has the talent to make the old something new. I'm looking for someone in the tri-state area. Any suggesstions would be appreciated

Re: turning an old dress into something new

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    I used to work at a bridal shop in VT where we did that sort of thing. I don't know of anyone in the tri-state area, but Sewly Yours in Burlington, VT is great with old pieces.

    On another note, I just want to warn you that making a halter dress in to a strapless dress will be very hard to do unless you are willing to practically re-create the dress. A halter dress doesn't have the structure needed to hold it up like a strapless dress does, and if it has a low back you will have a hard time ever getting it to have the structure. I would recommend taking it to someone before you get your hopes too far up. I love what you want to do, I just don't know if you'll end up with something that you love or can afford.
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    This is my dress. The top is halter and I hate the look and have my heart set on an off-the-shoulder sleeve. It's a corset style and the back is pretty high. I'm hoping it will be feasible and would love to hear some feedback from you vtarobinso :)

    for the skirt I wanna raise it to midcalf and get the "wavy-wrinkling" effect. It has lots of tulle and I don't mind if it shows.

    I loved the dress 6 years ago when I bought it, but I've grown and my taste have slightly changed so I feel the dress needs a little change too.
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