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question about bridal shower

I am in law school and will graduate May 2013. I have 2 good friends with me in law school that will be getting married Oct and Dec after graduation. I would like to give BOTH of them a shower before we all "part ways" after graduation. I  really want to have both of the showers TOGETHER mostly for convience sake. They are both good friends of each other also. my quesiton...........IS THIS UNHEARD OF??  And HOW can I do this?  Thanks, any suggestions would be awesome!!

Re: question about bridal shower

  • do not do this.  They will have different family they want invited, different friends - what if they know a mutual person and one wants that person invited to her wedding and the other doesn't?  Nice idea for YOUR convenience, but not for them.
  • Personally, I would ... but with much preparation & homework.  My matron & I got engaged just months between each other, and had several events together and separate, where this never really became an issue.  There were no hard feelings between any of our friends who were only invited to one wedding and not the other.  

    With that in mind, you might want to throw a more 'intimate' shower, with only a select few girls, and leave the larger, family / coworkers / etc to each bride's respective MoH.  Maybe plan a more activity-filled day or event, like the cooking classes or even a pole-dancing lesson, so that it feels more like a 'field trip' or GNO (also something that would 'limit' your invitee list to only a few people, so no one risks feeling snubbed).  You can do the gift portion back at home over some wine & ice cream!
  • Why don't you ask each bride separately what her feelings are?

    I don't htink there's anything wrong about a 2-bride shower, but there can be complications like girliegirlral said.

    Have fun!!!
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