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October 2011 Weddings

Hi! *waves*

Hello everyone,

I'm Kenya. I'm new to this site but I came here after I got engaged on 11/27/2010. I'm just here to get ideas, especially about decorating. My fiance is Leonard, but we call him Lenny or LBoogie...lol, which ever you prefer.

We are getting married on October 22, 2011.

We are going this weekend to see a Bed and Breakfast in a historic area of Virginia we think we are going to book. I working this week with setting a budget mostly since that's the biggest source of stress I think *MONEY!*. But this place has all the elements I want, since I did not want a hotel reception or country club. for some reason those seem cold to me unless they are very elaborate. But the BnB is intimate, cozy...beautiful yard and SO affordable this way I'll be able to really dig into the extras I wanted.

And the food will be so good for our guest...good ole' Southern Home Cookin!!!

So I will just be lurking probably around until I get more familiar with the boards but hopefully I'll get to meet some new friends here!

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Re: Hi! *waves*

  • Welcome to our board! And Congratulations on the engagement!
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  • Welcome :)
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  • Welcome and congrats!
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  • Congrats on your engagement and welcome to the october board! J and I are getting married at a restored Victorian b&b on the eastern shore of maryland. You are right... they are just so cozy and intimate. It's a way different vibe than any of the other venues that we looked at.
  • welcome and congrats on your engagement! hope to hear more about your plains. love the the pic
  • Congratulations on your engagement! Welcome to the board!
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  • Congrats, and welcome fellow VA Oct 2011 bride! :)
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  • Welcome to the board, and congrats on your engagement!! :)

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  • Congrats and welcome!! I can't wait to hear your ideas! I also am probably getting married at a b&b! So nice :)
  • Welcome and Congratulations!
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  • Where in VA are you getting married I live in northern VA near DC, but getting married in Orlando where I am from originally. 

    We are date twins, though might be changing my date.
  • welcome to the board!! If you need any help, let us know. Most of us are very helpful - okay, all of us are! We also have a facebook group if you have an account there..
  • Congrats and welcome!! Love you picture, looks like you had a very fun engagement!
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  • Hello EVERYONE!
    Wow what a warm reception :)

    @aatkinson...we are getting married 10/22/2011.
    @LoveKiss...they are and so much more personal. The lady I spoke with today....well it's a family affair and so willing to work with me on those extras! And we can practically book the entire inn, including 4 guest suites for the less than larger venues!
    @Marie...thank you for the pic compliment!
    @Dandan...thanks and where in VA are you. Your name and pic makes me think of "dandan noodles" from PF Changs! lol
    @xkelbel...def. look into a bnb....very nice indeed!
    @irisheyes...we are in hampton roads area. we live in Hampton but the reception site we are viewing is in Newport News. NOVA is sooo beautiful what date are you thinking of changing too?
    @kalizoomba...what's the FB page...I'd like to follow everyone on there.

    To everyone else and anyone else i missed...thank you sooo much! I feel welcome!
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  • Welcome to the October 2011 board!!  I wish I had more time to spend on the boards because the ladies around here are fantastic.  Look forward to hearing more from you.  And congratulations on your engagement!
  • I'm about an hour and a half west of VA Beach.

    I may have to try some of these Dandan noodles. lol
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  • Welcome!!!  I look forward to reading more posts from you as you begin your planning!  :)
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