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Do you realize that you are posting on threads that are months, and even years old?

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    I was wondering what the deal was with resurrecting such old threads.

    Amy, on this board a thread is considered "dead" if it's more than a month old, and it's generally considered inappropriate to resurrect something so old, particularly since many of the same issues happen in more recent threads.
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  • How do people even find threads that old?
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  • Yeah seriously.  BM dresses matching, and the size of a WP?
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  • Am I the idiot in question?  Then I feel like one. I just checked my last about 10 posts and the threads were all less than 3 days old when I posted.  Hmmmmm. Plus I haven't been on much the last few days.

    Is this thread really old?  ::Twilight zone music::
    I am confused.  Or is there another Amy who is my date twin?
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