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August 2011 Weddings

brownie cake?

Both my fiance and I don't like cake that much so I was thinking about having brownies instead. But, I hate the look of individual brownies so I was thinking of having it covered in fondant and making it look like a regualr cake. My problem is I don't know if this would taste good, and who I would ask to do it because we are on a very tight budget. Also, having it just be brown is not an option as our colors are teal, silver, and black. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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Re: brownie cake?

  • I agree with Stephdonjon buttercream icing in brownies is yummy (I have a sweet tooth)  Not sure where you would get it but asking bakers couldn't hurt
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  • I'd stay away from the fondont too, idk why, but I don't really like the way it tastes? Call up some bakers and see if they have any ideas too. I think just using regular icing would be just as good or maybe brownie cupcakes???
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  • I am not sure if they make brownie cupcakes, but those sound delicious =]. If you are open to it I have heard that people are starting to do doughnuts and pastries as well in  place of cake. There are so many creative ideas now. I would call up some bakers and say this is my idea and then also ask if they have any suggestions as well. You might find something really unique to do that you never thought of. 
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    [QUOTE]I have also heard of a cookie table -- there was one example and i cant remember where it came from, but all the women in the family each made a different cookie and that was what was served instead of cake.  Its your wedding! do what makes you happy!!!  Maybe one option is to have the sweetheart cake (or some creation that represents)  made from brownies, and the rest be traditional. 
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    There was just a blog post about this on Style Me Pretty. They did cookies and had 3 different kinds of milk, thought it was really cute! Idk about milk in the hot sun, but I think it was more for looks than anything.
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