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Hi! I am trying to find a restaurant to hold my rehearsal dinner. I will have roughly 30 people attending the dinner. Any good suggestions? I would assume a place that did a buffet so I didn't have to get everyone's orders ahead of time, would probably be the best way of doing things??? Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!!!


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    We had our rehearsal dinner at Grisanti's in Omaha. They have private dining rooms for things like this. We did their traditional dinner option where you chose 5 items from the three price tiers. Then they print up a menu for your special event with your names on it and those 5 items you chose. Your guests get to pick from those and it comes with salad and bread. We did fettuccine alfredo, spaghetti with meatsauce, classic lasagna, lemon basil chicken and manicotti marinara. That seemed to be a good variety and pleased everyone. We didn't have an open bar or drink tickets or anything, figured people could drink all they wanted at the wedding since we had open bar there. If they wanted an alcoholic beverage for our rehearsal dinner they paid for it themselves and I believe we only had a handful out of 40 people that did order an alcoholic beverage. If you go to and click on the Omaha website, then scroll down and click on private dining. You'll find pretty much everything you need to know there. The contact person is listed there and she can get you prices and answer any other questions. We got there earlier than we had said we would be there, 15-30 minutes early and they didn't have a problem with that at all. The timing of bringing out food was great, we didn't have to wait too long so we were impressed with the service.
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    Thank you! I will head to their website and see what I can find out!! I appreciate it!

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    We just finalized our details with Lazlo's out on 192nd & West Center.  The contact is Anna Otto (she's in Lincoln at Telesis, who owns all the Lazlo's restaurants) and she is awesome!  Could not be nicer to work with!!!

    I don't know about buffet options, but you can let your guests order off the full menu or - what we chose was a select menu.  We picked 3 entrees (small steak, rainbow chicken, and grilled tilapia) with a salad and 1 side, dessert bars, and some appetizers.  Guests will pick their entree when we get there, and Anna told us that wouldn't take much longer than getting everyone's orders before-hand (since they won't start cooking until the group shows up anyway - they don't want to serve cold food to anyone if our group takes a bit longer to get there.)

    Also - they'll work up a special menu for our group, and - since we've got 2 flower girls and a ring bearer - will let the little ones pick whatever they want off the children's menu that night too.

    Our group is about 32 people, so your group would fit in their party room as well!
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    We are doing Grisanti's.  Great food! And great party room!
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