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Tuesday Accountability

b-lo carb monster (20) apple and cinnamon oatmeal (160)
S-yogurt (90)
L-tuna sandwich (603) baked lays (130) apple (80)
S-kettle corn (100) apple (80) clementine (70)
D-leftover stuffed chicken breast, stuffed with spinach and jalapenos (161)

Total: 1494

I weighed in this morning and gained, but I've been really hormonal so I'm thinking my hormones are a little crazy. 

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Re: Tuesday Accountability

  • B-hot chocolate, oatmeal with raisins
    L-cauilfower and sweet potato soup, apple
    S- pretzels
    D- taco night
    S- cake

    E- if anything some crunches


  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
    10000 Comments Seventh Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    B: Reduced-sugar oatmeal (120), apple (72)
    S: Key lime Greek yogurt (100)
    L: Leftover ST cheeseburger casserole (392)
    S: Bag of veggies (110)
    D: Unsure. I have a GYN appointment tonight (~425)

    Total (before dinner): ~1219

    E: No time Undecided

  • buddysmom - hormones are the worst.  I always "gain" a couple pounds and then immediately "lose" it.  I just ignore it!

    B:  egg + egg white with salsa; oat bran toast with raspberry preserves; 1 oz ham; 1/2 c. pineapple (233)
    L:  meatball tortellini soup, baby carrots, 1/2 c. blackberries (329)
    pre-E S:  carb up!  small cara cara orange, key lime yogurt over chopped strawberries (253)
    post-E S:  XS banana with 1 TBSP PB (179)
    D:  ST Asian Glazed drumstick, 3/4 c. whole grain brown rice blend (link HERE, first one, it's amazing), roasted green beans (447)

    consumed:  1441

    E:  4.5-5 mi cardio intervals (-265 to -300)

    net:  1141 - 1176
  • peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 Washington, DC member
    Tenth Anniversary 5000 Comments 250 Love Its Name Dropper
    Good morning!  My run yesterday was rough.  I picked a new trail for a fast run, and it turned out to be a giant hill.  :(

    B: Artichoke & Red Pepper Frittata (177)
    L: Leftover Eggplant Lasagna (436)
    S: Popcorn (240)
    D: Chicken Fajitas, 2 glasses 2% milk (651)
    S: I might have a drink after dinner before bed (200)

    E: TM WOD (+562)

    Consumed: 1704
    Net: 1142
    I french with my man
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  • good luck with it Liv!  did they give you any "warning signs" you should watch out for?  just curious!  I've heard a little bit about keto diets but haven't really researched them throroughly.
  • meh, no fun.  :(
  • Today has already been "one of those days" where nothing goes right. I'm hoping things turn around. 

    B: Berry-Banana w/Whey protein smoothie (382 cal)
    S: Homemade Applesauce Banana Muffin w/1tbsp nutella, coffee w/cream (250 cal)
    L: Turkey and swiss on sandwich thin, carrots, grapes (400 cal)
    S: Chobani Bites Raspberry/Dark Chocolate (100 cal)
    S: 24 almonds, 2 prunes (216 cal)
    D: Chicken Fajitas, Black beans (417 cal)
    S: Something. . . I need 300 more calories. Probably peanut butter will be involved. 

    E: Cardio X (HRM: 433 cal, not counting the calories I burned in frustration trying to get the effing file to load and play. . . grr). 
  • B- I pretty much grabbed a granola bar as I ran out the door
    S- apple with pb
    L- I'm starving (finally) and going to Wawa for lunch so probably some sandwich deliciousness
    D- bbq pulled pork open-faced on half of a whole grain roll, green beans (another frozen vegetable that I seem to have 30 pounds of)

    E- still taking it easy, 30 min of yoga
  • B: ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on wheat (330 c)
    S: Special K chocolatey pretzel bar (90 c)
    L: 1/2 pulled pork sandwich, side of mac'n'cheese (433 c)
    S: string cheese (80 c)
    D: not sure

    E: 3.15 mi run (344 c)

    That leaves me 750+ c for dinner. I'll probably stick to around 500-600 so I'll end up around 1,200 net calories.
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    Still here and still fabulous!

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