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Highlight Video!

We got our highlight video back from our videographer, Calvin at Capture Studios.  I think they did a great job.  It deff made me cry!

I got to show this off at the GTG today  - thanks to all the girls for watching it with me!


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Re: Highlight Video!

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    OMG it made me cry too!! He did an AWESOME job!!
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    I saw this the other day and I was tearing up, too! So great!
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    pssht. I was way past "kind of tearing up."  I loved the scenes of you walking down the street... you looked in such a hurry to find your man :)
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    Boo!  It won't load for me for some reason...I'll keep trying. I saw the first 10 seconds though and it looked fabulous!  So mad I had to miss the GTG!  Your wedding rocked, btw!!  I keep showing your pics to my FI and thinking we SO should have given Varsity a peek...Such a rockin venue!
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    Aaaaadoreable!  You two seem perfect together!  I also loved the part with you walking down the street.  So sweet!
  • lboerner88lboerner88 member
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    aww that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love the way you can forever listen to your vows :)
  • VeittobeVeittobe member
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    That was really cute!!  I teared up watching it - I'm soooo in trouble on my wedding day.  I''m going to be a blubbery mess!!  lol

    Your video was awesome.  And you looked amazing!!
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    so beautiful, what lovely vows! Thanks so much for sharing (though I stalk his blog religiously..haha).

    Definitely re-affirmed my decision to go with Capture too...definitely worth the cost :-)
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  • newlyseliskinewlyseliski member
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    amazing the second watch, too :)  thanks for sharing this with us!!!
  • debbieupperdebbieupper member
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    When you were hugging your mom (or whoever that was) it was all over for me. OMG here they come again! :sob:
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  • maybe984maybe984 member
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    Holy wow. I totally cried. That part of your vows where you started to choke up a little bit... I seriously started crying like a wee baby.

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    I loved your personal vows, we will be writing our own as well, I'll have to use yours as a starting point. They made me tear up at work, then I had to go up front and help a walk in, little embarrassing...  Thanks for sharing!
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    Awesome video, love it.
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