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October 2011 Weddings

Speaking of Anniversaries

What do you normally do to celebrate them? Will you do anything new or different for your wedding anniversary? I noticed a couple of people mentioned going on a trip/ vacation or having a nice dinner.

We normally just exchange cards and do some sort of outing. Dinner, movie, picnic in the park, etc. Not sure if we will do anything different. Maybe take a vacation or weekend getaway on top of the card exchange.
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Re: Speaking of Anniversaries

  • Granted, we haven't had many anniversaries, but for our 1 year dating anniversary last year we spent the day (it was a Saturday) going for a run, going to Central Park, the Natural History Museum, FAO Schwartz and other random fun NYC places before going to dinner at the restaurant we had our first date at.  This year for the 2 year anniversary we're busy during the day with a show at our community theatre (I'm in the show and H signed up to work backstage...too cute!) but we're going to go back to that restaurant for dinner after the show.

    As for our wedding anniversary, we're hoping to go to Italy next October as a 1st anniversary trip (and possibly babymoon!).  But our wedding venue is also a nice restaurant, so on our actual anniversary we plan to go back there for dinner.
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  • Our "dating" one, Vhati would take the day off and we'd just kinda do whatever and have a nice dinner.  Never did anything huge for the engagement one, so that one we kinda skipped over.

    We're planning a trip to Vegas for our 1 year though.  The Age of Chivalry Ren Faire is the 12th-14th of October, so we're going to do that, plus some Vegas stuff.  Originally Vhati wanted to come home on our anniversary (because he forgot it fell on a Monday this year), but I nixxed that by reminding him that being on a tiny airplane and sitting in airports was NOT an acceptable 1st anniversary activity.
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  • We typically do little outings to places we love, but never have time for (ie the zoo or museum) followed by dinner. I imagine this is how we'll spend most of our wedding anniversaries as well.

    I want to take a vacation or weekend trip for our first anniversary, though.

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  • Hopefully for our 1st anniversary we'll be going on a trip/babymoon. 
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  • We'll probably both have to work!  But we usually just find something fun around town to do and go for dinner.  I'm assuming this is what we'll continue to do for our wedding anniversary.  I'd kind of like to go on a color tour in northern michigan for our 1 year.  We'll see if we can make that happen!
  • Our first anniversary is going to be quite, quiet and probally just a nice dinner out since a few weeks after we are having our "second wedding" at the ren fest.
  • We usually go out of town to the beach for a day or two. This year our dating anniversary was the day before the wedding so we did not celebrate. Neither one of us even realized it was our anniversary until the day after the wedding due to the craziness.

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