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HI looking for nice places ot have a bridal shower for about 50 or more people. I have a tight budget but really want this to be nice. Any suggestions would be great ( I asked several months ago but I have firmer numbers now)


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    Is it your bridal shower or are you hosting for yourself? Hosting your own bridal shower is really tacky and rude. Bridal showers are supposed to be gifts from someone else since a shower is a gift-giving event.

    edit: And 50+ people is a lot unless it's a couples shower. A bridal shower is supposed to be a few of your nearest and dearest, not every woman on the wedding guest list.

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    Wow, she was just asking about places?  I didn't hear any presumption of hosting her own bridal shower.  Or perhaps she IS hosting one for someone else. Or maybe she's just trying to get help for her hostess?  Let's just address her question without attacking her on etiquette at this point...Unless you know the details of her day, let's just hel her find venues.

    What part of town are you trying to stay within?  Or does that matter?  Seems the farther out from the city, your prices get a little better of course but then ya have to drive.  Do you have a day in mind?  Saturdays are going to be a little higher of course because some of the venues can host weddings, too.

    I'll try to help out!

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    I'm having my Bridesmaid Brunch at the Vinings Inn in Northwest Atlanta. They have a sunroom and patio that would seat that many. It's a great place to go for a lunch type shower if that's what you had in mind. The old house has character and it's in a great part of Atlanta!
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    LOL no I am the MOH not the bride. Ladies will be coming from all over so the location is open as none of us mind driving. Thanks for your offer to help. I was thinking a satruday lunch would be nice; something with a private room. Also wondering if it would be better to have at a home or a rec center for intimacy sakes. Just weighing the cost and comfort level for the bride.

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    Hmmm, 50 would be alot to have at a home - unless you've got a big one! ;o)
    You might considering asking a hotel what they could do in a small conference room.  It might not be as "comfy" or intimate as a restuarant but for cost and space, it might do the trick. 

    A really nice place for bridal showers is the Swan Coach House.  Probably a bit high but it sure is nice.  We had my assistant's shower there last spring.

    Another one I just stumbled on is the Chocolate Pink Cafe - I think this would be a dreamy place for a bridal shower (they have an event room on their site)!

    I've been to Rays on the River and they have a private room.  We had a rehearsal dinner there once and it has some cumbersom columns but it does seat that many I think. Great food!

    Again, these suggestions are not "budget" suggestions so for real penny pinching, a large home and simple catering could do the trick.  My "second" mom is hosting my bridal shower at her home but she has done this before for her DIL and she rented a tent and has all the catering supplies so you just have to decide!
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    I checked CP - they are way out of buget. I was considering a tent and have checked out swan coach and the vinning inn  - tending toward that later.

    Thanks everyone.
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