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colors and semi vent

How many times have you changed your colors?? Im second guessing mine. I like the look of it

but im trying to picture my reception venue(DOuglase entrance)  with uplighting that similiar kind of colors scheme  and Im not seeing it. Im trying to picture my linens what color to choose and flower. I know im like over 9 months to go but ive been dreaming about this place forever :) My all time fav colors have been purple, blue and champagne. Now im thinking of changing my colors to purple or blue but I know people who have used those colors before blue (BM) and purple (FSIL). I want mines to be different. UGGhh so confused how did you guys pick??? any idea boards to point me right directions.

I have gone from pink and gold, to blue and magenta, from pic up and now im rethinking of going purple/plum/eggplant like. lol im so all over the place.

Thanks for letting me vent

Re: colors and semi vent

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    Those are gorgeous colors. Here is a link to my friend Joet's wedding pics at the Douglas Entrance, she used similar uplighting and color scheme

  • MariMac84MariMac84 member
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    Aww. I'm sorry you're having a tricky time picking your colors. 
    I honestly just saw red when I closed my eyes and thought about my wedding day.

    Good luck to you <3 I hope it comes to you!
  • Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    i love the wine color one you have posted. it would even look great with silver. I choose my colors b/c I always loved tiffany blue and blue is my fav. color. If I would to pick another color it would be the purples.
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    i changed my colors once already and i think if i changed it again my FI is going to kill me. He already has to make a comment about it every once in a while. It was teal, trying to mix our favorite colors to make THE COLOR! However, that didnt work out well and was causing me great stress (i.e. BM dresses, mixing flowers -that was really hard) So I changed it too, Blue ( more of a marine blue) and Green.
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    I actually always wanted to have black, white & red for my wedding...but FI thought it looked to "goth" so I was looking through and saw blaack, white & apple geen and since green is his fav color, he loved it. So I compromised.

    I still want my black magic & black baccara rose bouquet =( but they don't match anymore.

    Your colors look nice! & check out the link that was posted...the place looks great with the purple uplights!
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    i totally seconded mine.. and actually changed!!! 

    I at first wanted mulberry look at Prsicilla of Boston.. so i changed mine to Plum and Gold.. sounds easy right? now i'm worried that everything  will look like L.A. lakers.. and i don't even like purple (its fi's fav. color).   I think once the girls try on dresses and colors you'll find what is meant to be. It wasn't till they tried on dresses that i fell in love with the color.

    -hopes this helps
  • twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
    edited December 2011
    I changed my colors once, and I couldn't be happier that I did. I went from ivory, black, and apple green, to grey, blue, and yellow, like so:

    I really hope you find the look you're going for.
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    haha we could be color twins! I went from blue and magenta, to purple and pink, and now im on pink and champagne! LOL...Even though I am still having a HARD time with my choices because of my venue as well...the perfect colors would be red and gold but y brother did that and Im over it LOL... GL picking something you love...(btw  I love the purple...)
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    Definitely heck out Kaila's link. Joet's wedding was absolutely gorgeous.

    Good luck finding your colours!
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    I love the wine colors they are really very pretty together, i agree with Lacey you should add silver maybe for the guys ...if you had sparkly bling it will look great.
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  • ayanapoohayanapooh member
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    I agree that you should check out Joet's wedding.  It truly was stunning! And as for the colors, I changed mine once and I'm thinking of changing them back, so I totally understand.  Don't worry, we all obsess over our color scheme. Wink
  • sambrefe67sambrefe67 member
    edited December 2011
    I love those colors!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Don't second guess it.  I have a hard time picturing mine as well. But I know itll be good, bc I like it. If you like it keep it! Itll come together
  • Deebride18Deebride18 member
    edited December 2011
    THanks girl :) hopefully the colors come to me!!!
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