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New Hampshire

Could someone recommend a place to get alterations?

I bought my dress at Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth. I don't think I want to get my alterations done there. They charge a flat fee for hem, bodice, and bustle. It's $575 which I think is outrageous. Can someone recommend anywhere in Southern NH?

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May 26, 2013

Re: Could someone recommend a place to get alterations?

  • I also bought my dress here.  I am a little nervous to take it anywhere else.  The two brides I know who got married last year, one paid $800 and the other one paid $1000 in alterations.  They could have bought new dresses with that money!  I want to add crinoline to mine as well. I just don't want it to be more than $575 or I will kick myself!
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  • Dresses by Dolly in Hudson!  She is utterly amazing and will do all of your alterations for far, far less than that cost (I honestly don't understand how they get away with those fees, it's absurd!!!).  I paid less than $300 for a hem, taking in the bodice (three times!), putting in cups, a bustle, and pressing my dress and my veil.  And my dress was very heavily beaded which all had to be taken care of by hand.

    She doesn't have a website but many of the girls here have used her and can/will vouch for her; you can find reviews and her phone number with a Google search.

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  • Dressmaking by Dolly in Hudson for sure! She is amazing and so are her work and her prices! You can't go wrong with her!
  • I should also add that after I was disappointed with my original crinoline purchase, Dolly lent me a crinoline at no extra cost which she made sure was extra poofy for my big day!  She really is incredible, amazing to work with, and SUPER friendly and sweet!  And if you have the time, some of her stories are hysterical!

    <I>formerly DrPB2b13</I>
  • My recommendation is to call Deborah Caldwell from Isabelle & Me.  She is located in the Waumbec Mill in Manchester NH downtown.  Debi has worked for and with Madeline's Daughter doing professional Bridal alterations on their gowns.  She is simply outstanding and does impeccable work.  You can reach her at 603-264-1504. 
  • I went to Dressmaking by Dolly and had a terrible experience.  The price was right, but she was a little to flighty for me.  I didn't need to have much done and I honestly think she made it worse than if I hadn't had any alterations done.  She is the reason I had to take my dress off before my reception was over and was in tears when I was getting dressed.  If I could do it again, I would spend a more money and go somewhere a little more professional.
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