Cocktail Hour question/slight rant

So I've been in contact with Kathy, the coordinator at the Aqarium, about our cocktail hour- typically, it's outside with the Beluga Whales, but being my wedding is April, it could rain, sleet, snow, be 20 degrees or 70 degrees- and the back up is having it in the Challenge of the Deep Musuem in case of bad weather. Well, the musuem is under renovation and slated to be finished April 12- my wedding is April 14- so if it gets delayed, and weather is bad, we will have cocktail hour inside where the actual reception will be held.

I'm curious, will it be completley awkward to have my cocktail hour the same place where all the other action will take place? I realize I have no control over it, and if it happens it happens, but I'm just wondering what everyone thinks. I figure people can find their seats, eat the apps and get some drinks and look around. We were planning on doing a recieving line at the start of cocktail hour, so this might change things....

I hate things I have no control over. BOOO! :)

Re: Cocktail Hour question/slight rant

  • I was at a wedding where cocktail hour was in the same room and it was no problem at all.  It didn't feel strange or anything.  If that is your "worse case scenario," it'll still going to be awesome.  It could be nice out or the museum could be finished in time (especially since it sounds like renovations will still go on even if it's snowing- since it's inside the museum?)

    Also, you're wedding is at the aquarium so I'm sure people will be happy just taking in the scenery wherever it is :)
  • I think it's fine. Our cocktail hour was in the same space and it was no issue. If anything, it was easier on our elderly guests.
  • My ceremony is at the Aquarium, so due to the time restriction, we're having a mini-cocktail hour (half an hour at most, hopefully) in the main floor where the reception is. I guess people could hang out outside too, but it'll be hot in June with no chairs outside, so I am thinking they will stay inside. 
  • I've been to several weddings where the cocktail hour is in the same room and it is fine. It definitely is not a worse case scenario.
  • I attended a wedding 11/11/11 where the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception dinner were held in the same place.  Did not feel awkward at all.  It was actually convienient because we already had our table and didn't have to juggle drinks and finger food during cocktail hour.  If that is 'worse case', you have nothing to worry about! Smile

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