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The Wedding Experience?

One of my vendors told me about and upcoming bridal show and I was wondering if anyone's going?  It's being held at 3 different locations and they will shuttle you to each location.  It sounds alittle more classier and less streeful then the regular shows I've been to!  Here's the link for the info. 

Re: The Wedding Experience?

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    Ah, I meant "stressful", sorry it's early! :)
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    I never went to any bridal shows when I was planning my wedding, but I am sure they could probably be helpful.

    I just don't like all the pressure from the vendors and don't like giving my personal info to just anyone. So if you go, be careful what info you give and have a alternate e-mail account set up just for wedding related stuff so your personal account doesn't get bombarded with junk e-mails and spam.
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    We went to the Wedding Experience in March. We had a ton of fun. This was a classier event. I wore a cocktail dress and FI wore a suit and we fit right in. This was event was primarily all couples.

    Even though there were vendors there, we had lots to eat and drink (alcohol included) so we ended up having a very fun date night. I highly reccomend it.
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    I actually worked the last wedding experience (I wanted to go, but I ended up bartending at the venue I work at). they are a lot of fun and are totally worth the time. You can dress up cute and meet a ton of fantastic venues, get lots to eat and drink, and see different themes and styles. :-D DO IT!
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  • alyssmpalyssmp member
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    I went to the last one and I would be going again if I didn't already have ticket to see Chelsea Handler with my girls that night.  FI and I had a blast and would certainly go again!  Have funn if you decide to go.
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    Hey ladies!

    FH and I have tickets to the wedding experience but I have a silly question... Which venue kicks off the night?  Do we meet at the Renaissance?

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    They will send you an email a week or so before hand so you know which venue to report to first.
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  • zoenmatt09zoenmatt09 member
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    Well it sounds fun, I'll have to let everyone know how it went!
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