Paris Caterers- Blackwood NJ?

Hey guys! I went and looked at Paris-Caterers last night in Blackwood NJ. I really fell in love with it right away! I was not crazy about Jersey, but its only 20 min from our church in Philly and its in our price range. I have never been to a wedding here so I am a little nervous to book with never having an experience. I just wanted to know if anyone has ANY reviews of Paris Caterers, food, DJ, cake anything would help! Thanks in advance Wink

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    I would post this on the South Jersey Board.  You may have better luck with some recs over there.

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    I did not find Paris' food good at all. I was a guest at a wedding there not long ago and the food was really just OK. One of the owners also owns Dance Party DJ's. They were good. Not great though. I also hated that they had another wedding going on at the same time. Now that it would not have been a problem if they knew how to coordinate it. Two wedding parties and their guests crammed in this little lobby. Ugh. If you are looking for something like that try The Crown Plaza in Cherry Hill. Much more elegant and around the same price range. Plus it's right over the bridge too.
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