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Ticket Escort Cards and Baseball Table Names - Please help

So, Fiance and I are avid baseball fans and spend our summers traveling to baseball parks, so that eventually we can say we watched a game in every stadium. I really want our reception to be a representation of us rather than a standard wedding reception, so we are incorporating little details like having baseball tickets as our escort cards and naming our tables after the ball parks. Our colors are pewter and eggplant and I was thinking of printing black and white pictures of each stadium and placing them into bling frames or something....but I cannot find good pictures for the life of me. Anyone have any ideas of how to present the table names and do you have any idea of how to create ticket stubs using a template? Thanks in advance!

Re: Ticket Escort Cards and Baseball Table Names - Please help

  • I would try the DIY board.  This one doesn't get a lot of traffic or responses, it should probably be deleted, really.
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  • I am also trying to travel to every ballpark and have already been to over a dozen... and have taken plenty of pictures!! If you want some, I'd be happy to email you what I've got... I know I have Fenway, Atlanta, LA, Anaheim, Baltimore, Philly, DC, San Diego, Texas....Maybe even a few more...

    As to the ticket stubs, if I were you I would check with someone on Etsy...I am sure you could pay someone to make you a template and then you could print them yourselves.

    I am having a baseball themed wedding :)
  • Since you're in OH it doesn't look like you would have a huge travel to go to an IKEA.  They have great frames from basic to detailed at a really great price.  This is where I got a lot of the "little detail" things like frames and candle holders for my wedding. 
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