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Will a photographer agree to give me all images on a CD with printing rights?

We don't want albums at all-at least not right now or an 8X10 prints etc.  We would like a high res CDs and printing/reproduction rights for all of the images and then come back to the photographer later if we wanted certain images touched up or anything else.

We want the photos but mainly to save for the future and share a few online with our friends, so we'd rather not devote much of our budget to paying for a package with a bunch of stuff we won't use.

Is this something that is unreasonable to ask for?

Re: Will a photographer agree to give me all images on a CD with printing rights?

  • kwagner1211kwagner1211 member
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    The photographer I am using offers that ability. His packages come with an engagement photo session, all phots and copyrights on cd, all day wedding coverage, and ability to order prints through him all for $2000. So obviously, I don't think that's unreasonable of you to expect.
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    Ditto PP. It's not unreasonable but make sure they state this in very clear language in their written contract. Also keep in mind that some printers will require to have a written release from the photo to print those shots. I just dealt with that a few weeks ago myself over a year after my wedding. Had to go dig out the paperwork before the store would hand over the shots.
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    If they don't specifically offer it, you may be able to negotiate with them to get it. Just make sure it's written in the contract and signed by both parties. It is a nice thing to have, our photographer specifically said we would be given a CD and the rights to all of our photos.
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  • woodfrogswoodfrogs member
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    You probably won't get ALL the images, you'll get the best ones from the day with all the "bad" or duplicate ones edited out. You'll probably also get at least some basic retouching on your images. You'll be happier about that in the long run. Most photographers will do that for you, all you have to do is ask. If they already mention that on the photographer's website, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    Mine has it in their contract and will give me a letter to have in case we ever get turned down making prints off the CD. Leagally they own the rights to all the images. If you want to be able to print them, you need their permission.
  • MrsJPalamarMrsJPalamar member
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    They should. Most of the photographers around here offer base packages of just hours & negatives only.
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