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September 2010 Weddings


Just got an e-mail about a meeting that is happening the Thursday before the wedding at 1:30 which means I will definitely NOT be able to take the day off or even do a half day. It's early enough in the game, I probably could get it rescheduled but figure it's not worth it. Just needed to whine a little.

Why, oh why do people not check with everyone before planning meetings??

Re: Boo...

  • ew, that is awful!!!  you will have to leave immediately after the wedding, that is all there is to it!
  • Awww....that sux. Maybe they have something special planned for you and that is why they don't want you to leave early?
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  • Maybe you could get "ill" right in the middle of the meeting? ;-)  I went and blocked out all of my time off in my Outlook calendar so everyone knows not to invite me to any meetings.  I'd be so worthless anyway, why waste everyone's time?

  • I wish I could. I'm hoping I can just submit my stuff and I won't be needed (usually the case with speech) but if not then I'll be high tailing it out of there as soon as that meeting is over!
  • That's lame! I'm taking a half day the Wednesday before, then out the rest of the week. Nothing will keep me here past noon!
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