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March 2011 Weddings

Wedding makeup

So, we already have FI's uncle giving us photography as a wedding gift.  Apparently, his Aunt from NYC is a makeup artist who started out as a consultant for Chanel in Manhattan and does it free lance now in NYC. She told my FI of all these celebrities that she's done, etc etc.  Apparently she wants to do my makeup for the wedding.

It sounds silly, but she lives on the other side of the country, so I'd basically be waiting until a day or so before the wedding to see what my wedding makeup would look like.  It makes me nervous.It sounds insulting to say "gee, I'm not sure about your makeup application ability, and I don't want to agree to such a gift without a test run."  Especially when you consider this is the relative my FI is closest to, ever since his mom passed away.

I'm excited, in theory, about her offer.  But I'm super type A, and I plan things way in advance.  How would you handle this--should I just shut up and be thrilled that a professional makeup artist has offered to do my wedding day makeup?  I really need to hear if I"m being too silly about this.

Re: Wedding makeup

  • march is awhile away, maybe take a trip out there to visit and kill two birds w/ one stone. 
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  • Yea if shes a pro and worked for who you mentioned its a good thing. AND that she has done celebs make up... I would trust her. And like desi said, maybe she will come out before the wedding and you can have a trial then. 
  • I would be nervous too...I'm sure she's really good at what she does, but I know I would want to do a test run before the wedding. Is there a chance you will see her between now and the wedding? If so I would see if she wouldn't mind doing a trial then, or see if she can send some pictures of her work, it might be weird to bring that up with her, but I'm sure she would be understanding.

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  • I would let her do it. I am the type of person that no matter what kind of make up used or how much of it and so on it doesnt make a difference to me as long as I dont look like a clown. Just tell her you want kind of look you want and I'm sure she can accomadate you especially if she is a professional.
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  • Good point Ishaba.  I'm sure she does a great job, so I'll just not worry about it.  I think she'll be getting in a few days early, so I can just have her do a few trial runs a day or two before so that we can decide what to go with.  As long as I'm not discovering what it looks like the day of the wedding, I think I'll be fine. lol  And its one less thing I have to plan/book.
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