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MOH dress

My MOH's husband is going on a deployment next year. They have set it for May but have yet (refuse) to reveal the actual date.  My MOH knows I would never replace her, and she is holding out on purchasing her dress for as long as possible.  Would it look silly if she wore a simple dress instead of the BM dress like the other girls?  Personally, I don't care... but I can see my mom saying something nasty about it.  Considering she is already harping that I will need to replace her.
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Re: MOH dress

  • I am sure she can find a nice dress at macy or simular before if she needs to. If your mom says something so what.
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  • Do what feels right to you - if keeping her feels right, let everyone else (your mom) know that you have made your decision and ask that they support it.
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  • I don't think she would look silly. The MOH is 'supposed' to look a little different anyway. I would just try to keep it in the same color family or color of your wedding. That way it will still look cohesive. I wouldn't worry what your mom says as it's just her opinion. If you are not worried about it then everyone else should just let it go.
  • Here's a few options:

    1.  Purchase the dress for MOH and if she's in the wedding, she can pay you back, and if she isn't, either keep the dress, or sell it, or if MOH still wants it she can buy it from you.

    2.  Have her order the dress late, but offer to pay for the rush shipping on the dress for her.

    3.  Have her find something when she knows the date.

    ***Not to be rude, but the military doesn't "refuse" to say the dates to families just to be difficult.  They can't until about a month, maybe two months out due to safety concerns.  FI didn't know until about a month and a half before his date to ship out, so I get how your MOH feels.  Please let your MOH know that I am thankful for her husband's service!***
  • I think all of Goetzr's options are all viable. PPs are correct in saying you could let her get a dress of the rack from a department store.

    Goetzr's also right about the deployment. Up until about 15 years ago if you were serving on a sub you were never told when you were leaving, you always had to have two weeks worth of clothes and supplies packed. You could go to work one day, and not come home because you were sent underway.

    It's for safety. Lucas was in the Navy, and his best friend is still in the Navy. He's not going to be there in May because he'll be on deployment. A deployment that has been pushed back about a dozen times. That's why they can't give out the date. Things change.
  • Thanks Goetz!  It's more annoying for her than for me, because they keep telling them that they will know the date at the next drill... and this has been going on since this May.  I actually feel really bad for them.

    I like the idea of paying for her rush shipping :)
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