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Groom won't wear a tux!

This is a bit long, but please bear with me:We are getting married on a Saturday evening at a nice hotel and I have already bought my dress -- it's ballgown-style -- I love it :-).  But my fiance says he refuses to wear a tux to the wedding.  He hates them, he thinks they look stupid, and he won't have it!  I bascially said, fine...I don't care.  He agreed to wear a dark, charcoal gray suit.  But that means no one coming to the wedding can wear tuxedos, right?  So we have to make it semi-formal... this is all OK with me, BUT:My mom is driving me crazy about it!  She said all my dad wants is to wear a tuxedo when he has pictures at his daughters wedding... she says it will be a huge pain to get all of the groomsmen matching gray suits... and my dad and my fiance's dad have to match too, right?...  She wants it to be a formal event!  My parents are paying for the wedding -- but they have completely taken over -- we didn't get to choose the venue because my mom had to invite so many people that none of the places my fiance and I wanted could hold that many people... my mom is using her friend as the florist, she picked out the band she wanted, she is inviting everyone she wants to invite, she is planning her dream wedding... she is basically doing everything... so that the wedding almost has *none* of our personal style.  I don't want to sound spoiled -- I mean, I have never been the type to have my dream wedding planned in my head, so I don't care as long as all of the people I want there will be there.  I just want to marry the man I love, and if my mom wants a grand party, so be it!  I'm sure it will be great!  But can she and my dad go so far as to tell my fiance that he has to wear a tux on HIS wedding day?!  Am I out of line here?  Please tell me if I am being a Bridezilla and what to do?!  Will suits look stupid?  Should I push him to wear a tux even if he doesn't want it, or fight the battle with my mom?  I have already gotten in a fight with my mom and my fiance over it, and I just want to have a decision and move on.  Please let me know what you all think!!!  thanks :-) 

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