Invites and Paper

Proof my invites please!!

Together with their parents

Kaitlyn Middle Last
Steven Middle Last

request the pleasure of your company
as they are married on
Saturday, the first of September
two thousand and twelve
four o'clock in the afternoon

City, State

reception to immediately follow


kindly reply by August 5th


____ accepts
____ regrets

Your advice for the bride & groom on their wedding day:

I am going to do a DIY accommodations card after I receive the invites. Also, is the timeline for RSVP okay for my September 1 wedding?

Ordering them tonight (finally!!) TIA!
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Re: Proof my invites please!!

  • Thanks for your input. I thought the same thing about RSVP, but the scripty font it's in makes all caps look strange. I changed my response date to the 12th of August, so about three weeks because my caterer needs final counts 2 weeks out. This is what the RSVP looks like with the lower case s.v.p.
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  • PeavyPeavy member
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    You can just say "four o'clock" and delete in the afternoon, but you can keep it if you like the way it reads.

    Just say "Reception to follow" or "Reception immediately following" -- to immediately follow splits the infinitive and sounds akward.

    You can also delete "on" after as they are married.
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