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Game Review, especially for Taw

DH pirated and played Dishonored.  We won't be purchasing it.

It has really great gameplay and a really interesting story (I did watch and enjoy it).  But DH beat it in about 10 hours, it ws really short.  We're thinking that all of the good content is going to come via DLC, which has started happening more and more (the last Assassin's Creed?  And they are already setting it up to make it seem like this next one is going to be like that too).  
It makes the both of us IRATE.  $60 for the game, and then $10 per DLC to get the whole story?  No, just no.  If it was $30 or even $40 for the game, fine, but it's the same price for less game now, then having to buy all the DLC at $10-$20/pop.

Re: Game Review, especially for Taw

  • Thanks for the review.  I showed it to him and he said maybe he'll wait until the price comes down after xmas or something.  He will be getting AC3 for sure though.  He's been waiting for that one.

    And agreed on the DLC crap.  Sure, it's nice to have some extra content, but don't cheat us out of a whole game.  It really has gotten out of hand.

    We've got PSPlus and we get free games all the time, so maybe it evens out, but still.  If we're paying for a whole game, give us a whole game. 

  • I'm suspicious of AC3, b/c when I pre-ordered it for DH's bday, it's already giving a code for the first DLC.  Then, if you wanted to shell out $120, you got the DLC AND the new DLC character, along with some other stuff.  I love DH a lot, but at the end of the day, $120 for a video game?  WoW was $30, then $15/month, so 6 months, for hours and hours of gameplay, not repeating and updated patches.  Videogames aren't going to beat that and should stop pretending they are.
  • Target is having a sale this week B2G1F.  I'm getting RE6 and he's getting AC3 for xmas but we don't have another $60 game to get.  It would definitely be worth it, but the only other game we're going to buy (Black Ops 2 for Son) doesn't come out until mid November.

    Womp, womp.

  • I will always stand with Just Dance and the new Dance Central actually has a plotline, which is getting rave reviews.  I'm probalby picking it up on Tuesday if it's a good deal, so I can let you know.  :)

    You will need Wii or Kinect/PS3 Motion kit though.
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