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November 2010 Weddings

My First Bump

So far everything has been going real smooth, but I knew to expect some problems from the bridal shop back in TX. 4 of my bms ordered their dresses from this salon and my MOH got a call saying her dress was in, so that was awesome she's getting it altered and it will be ready for her in 2 weeks.

None of the other girls' dresses have come in though which is weird cause I thought they were all supposed to come in together. So I called them yesterday to ask and apparently each time a girl went in to order there was a different sales person helping them and they didn't put their information under my name. While they were trying to track down all the girls information they couldn't find one of my BMs and I started to get nervous because I was with her when she paid. The lady on the phone went to the back to see if her dress was in, and it was!

But its still not over, we still have 2 dresses that haven't come in yet and won't be until the last week of July. I've heard some not so good reviews about this shop (after everyone ordered) so I just have to stay on top of them.

Re: My First Bump

  • But the wedding isn't until November so you should be good. My girls' dresses won't be in until September!!!!

    And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image
  • You've got plenty of time.  I actually ordered all 3 dresses together under my name at the same time.  They still came in almost a month apart.  Now the girls just have to store them an extra 4 months. 

    If you don't hear anything by mid-July, I'd give them a call back.  Don't worry too much about it though!  At least the girls all ordered the dresses on time.
  • Steph- That's so weird that they came in at seperate times. Yeah I'm not worrying cause the lady at the store gave me an actual date for the other dresses so that put me at ease. 

    I'm trying to do everything in advance cause I just know there will be something I forget or need to do last minute & at least the BM dresses won't be a problem close to the date.
  • That is just poor practice on the store's side.  My store would not even order the bridesmaid dresses until all the bridesmaids sent in their sizes.  The store said they order them all together so the fabric comes off the same roll so there is no deviation in the color of the dresses. 

    I just picked up the BM dresses 2 weeks ago and I am the one storeing them.  Glad my son has room in his closet ha-ha!  I wouldn't worry thou, still plenty of time.  I am getting my Masters and Teaching Certification right now so I am probably ahead on most things because I didn't want to have to worry about wedding stuff while in school.  Oh well, I still do :(

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  • My Matron of Honor and BM are coming in this weekend just to start looking at dresses.  You all are way a head of me.  That is weird though. I thought they wouldn't order until everyone had been measured.

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