WANTED: Lace Wedding Jacket

True to form, last minute Magen here, I have decided that I may want a lace wedding jacket with 3/4 sleeves for our wedding.  My dress is kind of plain, and I hate my arms...anyone selling one?  Wanted to check on my boards before turning to Ebay!

Re: WANTED: Lace Wedding Jacket

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    I don't have one, but wanted to say I have seen a ton of gorgeous ones on Etsy, so you might want to check it out in addition to Ebay.
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    OMG hughe046, you've been reading my mind! 

    I got on a kick last week that I wanted something similar, a little lace bolero.  Def. check Etsy as Audge.Podge suggested; I fell in L.O.V.E. with one there (that's unfortunately NOT in the budget at this point in the ballgame, boooooCry). 

    There were a TON on eBay to sift through, but a lot of them looked to me like they were mass produced from China.  Not that that's a bad thing, but you might have to watch shipping times and quality...something to check into though!
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    HEY!!  I checked out the attire board and have heard some horror stories about the places in China, badly made, looked super cheap.  I looked at Etsy, but didn't see one that I liked, lol- that was under $350.  I am headed for my 2nd to last dress fitting today and may try and wheel and deal for one- I will keep you updated!

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    Look what I just saw: http://classifieds.weddingbee.com/topic/ivory-lace-bolero-for-65
    The post is 2 days old now though. Good luck, ladies, hope you find the right thing for you!

    I gave up and bought a wool coat to wear over my dress. Seriously, I'm not gonna look like a bride at all...oh well, I'm just rambling now. It's hard to know what I'll really need in April, the weather could be anything.
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