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April 2010 Weddings

First Dance Song?

Hola Ladies...
Thinking out loud w/ FI yesterday about our first dance...   we aren't like the super sappy type or looking for something to make people cry or into country... we like to have fun and just enjoy being w/ each other... so:

Few options... 

Two questions...
What do you think of those choices and what are your songs if you have them picked out?

Re: First Dance Song?

  • I like "Crazy" better between your two choices, just because more people would know it and pay attention.

    That being said, NO ONE knows our first dance song - It's called "Lady" by Modjo and we are doing a slow dance to the acoustic version into a choreographed little thingie when it gets all fast and disco-y. :) (If you want to hear it just youtube modjo lady hear me tonight and i'll find it)

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    Not a fan of the Aerosmith song....the lyrics don't quite fit a wedding.

    The Live song is nice, but very ....."loud"

    What about the Goo Goo Dolls Stay with you?

    Edit:  Our song is Alicia Keys, Love Me Like You'll never see me again...super sappy
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  • Hmmm... I can't log on to listen to your song choices. But, ours is Everlove by Eric Binet
  • I love aerosmith!!! That's my two cents

    And our song is Lucky by Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz because it fits us to a T and it's not super slow either
  • We're doing "For Once in my Life" by Michael Buble.  We wanted "happy not sappy," too.  Mike is dancing to Aerosmith's "Don't wanna miss a thing" with Amanda since his mom is gone and there's no mother/son dance.

    BTW I always liked Live......and FYI, my neighbor's first dance song was Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.  YEEEAH!!!  (sorry I love Metallica)
  • haha glad that i have other rock and rollers w/ me! 
    LOL, after consideration... i have added Angel by Aerosmith to the bunch and FI says he likes that one too...  
    I really like the Live song cuz when we were in HS (and dating) he said that song reminded me of him one day and i remember being so touched!  lol but i do see how its not completely a wedding song...
    thanks again for your input and i'm still taking suggestions!
    have a great weekend!
  • @ Festive: FI and I considered doing Nothing Else Matters!!! He LOVES Metallica.

    In the end, we decide to stay with our roots-- /> country. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

    I like the song Crazy, but can't picture that as the first dance song. And I have to agree that the Live song is a little loud.

    Try going onto itunes and looking under the most popular to see if something else pops out to you.

    GL with the search!

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  • we are dancing to "can't help falling in love" by elvis....FI and I are not overly sappy either, and we don't have a "song", but i love this - it's a classic!
  • We are thinking of going with "The Best is Yet to Come" by Sinatra.  I dont think that "Crazy" is really much of a first dance song because of the lyrics, but I do like that song.

    You can do a search on first dance songs and find a ton of lists.
  • We are doing your guardian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus
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  • I like Crazy :)

    We're dancing to Then by Brad Paisley and then going straight into a two step dance to Why Don't We Just Dance by Josh Turner :)
  • Right now it is "A Love of a Lifetime" by Firehouse, and then FI wants to do a choregraphed dance in the middle of it to a mix of crazy dance music.  "Sigh"... we would be that couple... I have no idea what songs to dance to in the middle, so it makes me a little worried...
  • Well, although I do love Aerosmith with every fiber in my body, I agree. There are so many songs in that era that would be great. Also like on "What Happens in Vegas" when they do their first dance to What a Feeling. Also on Bride Wars at the wedding when they dance to "You've Made Me so Very Happy". Just a few suggestions.

    BTW, Nothing Else Matters is like my FAVORITE song, and I really thought of having it be our first dance, but Jeff wanted Wonderful Tonight as it was the first song we ever danced to at his senior (my junior) prom...ahhh. :)
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  • I'm letting Dave pick our first song along with the entrance songs.  I think the first dance song will probably be a suprise for me; I figure it will probably be one of the only surprises at the wedding (I hope!).  Although Amanda, if I could pick myself, I totally love love "Lucky". But when I played it for Dave he didn't seem too thrilled about it :(

    My guess knowing Dave is that he'll have the DJ play something funny (like, Used to Love Her but I Had to Kill Her) and then switch to the real song.
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  • First dance song is NIN-the fragile...were not traditional, and we wanted to have a song that means something to us and we've seen NIN about 3 times in concert, plus the lyrics are really nice =)
  • I agree with a lot of the PP's... the lyrics to "Crazy" don't strike me as a first dance song, but you really are able to do whatever you both love!  I love the song "Always" by Bon Jovi - very appropriate for a first dance but still has a rock sound to it. If you love "Crazy" and "Dolphins Cry" maybe there's another part in the reception where you could incorporate one or both of those songs? (Like cake cutting, etc?) 

    We'll be dancing to "Yellow" by Coldplay. Our last dance will be to "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton (which, like Dani, is the first song we ever danced to!!). 
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