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reception question.....enough time?

Getting married at Platinum ,ceremony will be at 6pm, pretty quick so over by 6:15. The we will have cocktail hour while we take some pictures until about 7pm I would guess. The a quick toast and dinner. I imagine over by 8pm. So drinks, dancing, photobooth etc will be from 8-10:30pm. Is this enough time??? I feel like thats short. I can pay another $500 to extend it until 11:30pm. Should I since people are flying in for this from all over? I just dont want it all over to quick. Im sure people will want to go out afterwards but I know some will also be leaving early the next morning. hmmmm....let me know your thoughts!!!

Re: reception question.....enough time?

  • I had the same dilemma with my platinum reception - except we're not doing a sit down dinner so i think i'm ok with the timeline. It's 5:30 - 6 for the ceremony (max) do a champagne toast, let people eat and drink while we take a few photos before the arch etc is moved out. 

    We're opening the bar at 6, starting shutterbooth at 6 and we're calling last call at 10 and having the dd bus pick us all up at 10:30 for a strip tour then down to fremont.

    I think that it's actually better to have things done in your time line - though adding a half hour isn't crazy either - if i was doing a sit down dinner i think i may be inclined to add the extra 30 min. 

    If you think about it - when weddings go on and on and on you get pretty zoned out by the end of it and like you said, people will continue the party. 
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  • I would suggest adding about 30 minutes or so to photos and an hour to dinner. In my experiences, even non wedding related dinners tend to run over or not on time. You dont want your guest to have only an hour to eat, and feel rushed
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  • Also, how many courses will you have for dinner?  Depending on how many people are attending, it could take 10 minutes to serve everyone and 10 minutes to clear plates, if you're doing a sit-down.

  • We are having a buffet dinner so I'm hoping it will go quick. I just want to make sure we have enough time for drinks and dancing :
  • we have a very similar time line for our Platinum wedding and we extended til 11:30
  • In Response to Re:reception question.....enough time?:[QUOTE]we have a very similar time line for our Platinum wedding and we extended til 11:30 Posted by Vegas2012[/QUOTE]

    So you pay 500 to extend, but do you have to pay more for the bar? Then the DJ too? And I would probably have to do the photobooth longer
  • i believe you have to talk to the individual vendors to see if they would go longer - i think All Night Long is $100 for an extra hour for the DJ and you could just have the photobooth start later if you wanted to save some money on it? I believe the extra $500 should count for your platinum time and for your bartender since they are their staff (double check on that though)
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  • edited May 2012
    When we booked our all inclusive package the pricing reflected an extra hour so I'm not sure how the pricing works.. For the bar we didn't pay for extra but it is closing for 30 mins during dinner and closing 30 mins before the reception ends.
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