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November 2010 Weddings

Shower Theme?

My aunt is hosting my shower and she just emailed me asking if I wanted a theme like kitchen/cooking, outdoor/gardening, bed/bath. I'd never even thought of this! Are you guys doing a theme at your shower? If so, what is it?
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Re: Shower Theme?

  • I'm having 5 showers. Had one already. None of them had/will have themes.  
  • I recently went to a shower that was "Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed. The decor was black, white and tiffany blue and all the ladies wore their little black dress and pearls. It was a lot of fun!
  • I am having a Kitchen theme.
    I don't need my aunt trying to buy me lingerie.
    This way I atleast get mostly stuff I can use
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  • My family always has themes. Mine is "tea party" ... and not the republican kind. ;) 
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  • A friend of the family wanted to throw me a lingerie shower so while it wouldn't have really been my first choice that's what I am having.

    I'm sure it will be a lot of fun and it was very sweet of her to put this thing together. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone will pick out for me!
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  • My regular bridal shower doesn't have a theme.  We are also being given a co-ed shower and the theme is "His & Hers Tools"  so it'll be guy tools for him and kitchen tools for me.  Kinda cute.
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  • I am not sure it is so much a theme, but all the guests were asked to fill out a recipe card with their favorite recipe and attach it to a little kitchen gadget to put in a basket for me... Which I thought was a great idea and a way to get some new recipies!
  • I've heard of the "time of day" theme too which sounded fun.  People get you a gift for a certain time of the day and each person gets a diffent time in their invite.  Example: 8am might get you something you can make breakfast with. 
  • Holy crap meggy, 5 showers?? That's awesome!
    We're not having a theme, but my MOH is trying to incorporate little Alice in Wonderland type stuff. I wish my mom hadn't hijacked the wedding shower cause I'd probably have a full out Alice tea party. Can you tell I'm a little bitter ;-)
  • I've been to lingerie, kitchen, and travel themed showers.  Honestly, the bride who had the lingerie shower wasn't thrilled.  I've also heard of wine, time-of-day, and recipe themes.  My mom wanted me to have the recipe theme, but none of my friends cook.  I think it's going to be travel themed.
  • Mine didn't have a theme. A coworker of mine just had a shower for her FDIL and it was a Sex and the City theme. They all dressed up as their favorite characters and had cosmos. The pictures are hiliarious!
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  • I have 2 showers the first one is the traditional wedding shower with stuff of your registry and it's not really a theme but it is black, white and bright pink (my fave color but not the wedding color) so I guess that is the theme.  My second one is a lingerie shower.
  • Mine is also a tea/garden party.
  • Mine was Alice In Wonderland themed.
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  • I'm not sure. As far as I know, mine is a surprise. I did, however, host one last year and I did black and pink for everything (her favorite colors) and she loved it. I even made here a veil with a black and pink headband and bags and feather boas and scavenger hunt cards. So, I guess the theme was pink. I'd actually like a lingerie party because I'm only having one and that's what I've always attended...

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