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bridesmaids dress color question!!

I have a question about my BM dress color, first my wedding colors our pink, with accents of oranges and yellows, a summer wedding outdoors. Now i already picked and payed for our linens (the tablecloths) and they are pink, specifically called watermelon.

my question is would it look too PINK or matchy if the BMs wore pink dresses (im just thinking about them sitting down at the table and matching the tablecloths) or should they do a orange or yellow instead

i know this sounds a little silly or crazy but i just want my BMs to be happy and have beautiful dresses!!

any advice is welcome thank you!
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Re: bridesmaids dress color question!!

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    What else is pink?  Flowers, shoes, centerpieces?  We need a bit more info here.  Also, what's yellow and what's orange?
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  • sytomsytom member
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    Pink dresses are really pretty.  Just make sure it's not the exact same shade as the linens and you'll be fine.
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    What do your bridesmaids think?  Do they want pink, orange or yellow?  They don't have to exactly match the linens if they choose pink dresses.
  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    I ditto asking your bridesmaids.  Personally, as a pale person with warm undertones I wouldn't really be able to wear any of those colors, but I could probably deal with a very dark orange or pink.  Since they're the ones that have to buy and wear the dress, I would aim for it to be something they're happy with.
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  • ekilzer1ekilzer1 member
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    I think it depends how much pink there is... I personally am not a pink person, I would not want pink dresses and pink linens, but that is just me... my only tip would be not to overload on one color, especially because your colors are all so bright....

  • lalap69lalap69 member
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    I wouldn't worry about the matching.  What do your BMs look best in?  Since you seem equally open to all 3 colours, go with that as the deciding factor.
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  • tpender13tpender13 member
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    How many girls are you having in your WP? If you're having three girls, they could each wear one of the colors.
  • filawfilaw member
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    The tablecloths will pretty much not matter.

    My mom stressed and angsted for months about my bridesmaids clashing with our table clothes.  Turned out, it was all not at all worth it.  Once the tables are set, covered with decorations and filled with people, they become much less of an "expanse of color".  Plus all of the bridesmaids were wearing various sweaters, etc. by that point anyway.  I've attached a picture so you can see what I mean.

    My point is, I don't think you should let the tablecloths affect your decision either way.

  • mrs.happymrs.happy member
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    Pink is definitely more universally flattering than orange or yellow.  I don't think it will look too matchy.
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