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Hello everyone-       

            I was recently married in Tucson and wanted to get my reviews out for the upcoming brides. Here we go…

The Stillwell House- Overall, they were great. The day of the wedding went smoothly and the venue looked VERY beautiful. Beforehand they were somewhat hard to get a hold of. You always have to leave a message and wait for a call back because they do not have anyone answering the phone. That was somewhat frustrating but the end result was great so I would say it was worth it. They also did the food and it was great. We have gotten many complements on the food and how it was the best wedding food people have had.

Spencer Boerup Photography- One word. AMAZING! We decided that photography would be our splurge item and once I saw Spencer’s work I knew that is who we wanted. Our engagement pictures were awesome and I am sure that the wedding pictures will not disappoint. We gave our family some copies of our engagement pics and they were fighting over how many they could take because everyone loved them so much. He is fantastic and I would definitely work with him again.

DJ Raza- My husband’s major contribution to our wedding was picking out the DJ and getting all of the music together. We met with DJ Raza and he was professional and seemed to have everything together.  We also found out he does lighting in the venue along with the DJ service, which was an added bonus that was a pleasant surprise.  The day of the wedding we had a couple of hiccups that makes me not able to fully recommend him. The lighting and his set up was fantastic and the up-lighting helped the venue to look that much more special.  During the ceremony, he played the wrong song for processional even though we had everything explicitly written out on a schedule for him. Several days prior to the wedding we also gave him a list of 4 songs that were must plays during the night. While we ate dinner I heard 3 of the four songs, which was disappointing because I wanted to dance to them. However, we didn’t expressly say when to play them so not totally his fault. The last of the 4 songs was the one that my husband really wanted to hear. He talked to the DJ to try and get him to play it before we left and found out that he didn’t have it to play. Mostly he was good but I would say not fantastic.

Ambrosia- The cake tasted fantastic. I was not overly impressed with the design but it tasted fantastic and that is far more important to us. 

Integrity Transportation- We booked them for a pick up for ourselves after the wedding was over. I was quoted a rate of $60. Everything went smoothly on the day of but afterwards I looked at my bank statement I was charged $88. When I called they told me that they charged $14 per 15 mins. No one ever told me that! When I explained this to her they eventually said they would credit us for the extra amount.  

Gadabout- Many of the women in the wedding had their hair and makeup done at the Sunrise and Kolb location. They were great. We were able to bring in some snacks and champagne to the salon and they helped us facilitate that. Great service.

Rhina’s Alterations- Rhina was great. The bustle was awesome. She was a bit expensive but I would trust her with any alterations I needed. 

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Re: Vendor Reviews

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    I am getting married in two weeks and I am doing my reception at the Stillwell House!  I had the SAME experience with trying to get ahold of them...they need a receptionist because making an appointment with them was like pulling teeth!  I am sure Wilma will make everything run smooth on the day of though.

    I am using Busy Bee for the cake, Ted Hewitt for Photography and Snaptive Audio as my DJ.  I am also using Villa Feliz as my florist and I LOVE working with Georgeanne and she has taken time to do 2 or 3 appointments and put together samples for me.  I bought the Disney "Ariel Dress" from Alfred Angelo and it was STUNNING.  I think they are the best most affordable place to buy from in town (I spent approximately $1700 dollars for a dress, veil, blusher, jewelry and tiara...THAT is an excellent bargain)  .  Alterations cost over $400 dollars though; EXPENSIVE!

    I had my bridesmaids pick out a dress from Jcpenneys which ran them about $66 dollars and told them to just get strappy silver shoes of their choice.  The dress is something they can wear again (no, REALLY not like those ones that were clearly bought just to be a bridesmaids dress that your poor girls pay $150 bux for and end up throwing in the back of their closet).

    I'll post a picture later!

    Heather aka Soon-to-be-Mrs-Moselle
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    Follow-up to my reviews:

    Florist: Villa Feliz-
    I would absolutely use them again.  I loved working with Georgeanne.

    DJ: Kelly @ Snaptive Audio-
    He was the best DJ I've ever encountered at any party/wedding EVER.  I was so happy we went with him- he was a blast.

    Photographer: Ted Hewitt- I would use him again in a heartbeat.  We have over 700 awesome pictures.  He was our splurge, and it paid off.  He submitted our wedding to be featured in Tucson Bride and Groom magazine!

    Cake: Busy Bee- Delicious; would use them again.

    Dress: Alfred Angelo- completely satisfied.  Alterations were expensive, though.

    Venue: Stillwell House- Difficult to get ahold of, but completely came through on the day of- would use them again.

    I think that's everything, let me know if you need more details.
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