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Wedding Woes

Invited un-RSVP'd Guest...help???


Re: Invited un-RSVP'd Guest...help???

  • duckyturtleduckyturtle
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    edited December 2011
    "This day is supposed to be about celebrating the love my fiance and I have."

    If that statement were true then you wouldn't be focusing all your energy on ONE extra person at your wedding. My suggestion to you is RELAX and focus on your fiance. He should be the only person that matters! Do you really want to look back on your wedding day years from now and still be in a bitter rage about this unfortunate circumstance that you instigated in the first place by inviting this "friend"?
    The person I really feel sorry for is your future husband. If you behave this way over something that is small and unimportant  the grand scheme of things, how are you going to handle challenges that really matter later on in your married life? Sounds like he has his work cut out for him because HE will be the one having to deal with you and your selfish attitude.
    How sad that you are so negative that you are sabotaging what should be the happiest day of your life. Take some advice from a second time bride... Its not about the money you spend or accommodating your guests. It's about being happy. Let it go and just enjoy the celebration of you and your sweetheart on your big day!
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