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Wednesday Accountability

I desperately need to go grocery shopping after work--been trying to get there all week!
B- 2 eggs, 1 wheat sandwich thin, 1 slice cheese, coffee, tea
S- frozen mixed berry smoothie with light vanilla silk and protein powder
L- pbutter and jelly on sandwich thin, string cheese
D- something other than grillled chicken hopefully......

E- NROL4W stage 1A

Re: Wednesday Accountability

  • Yay for Wednesday, which is really Thursday, since Thursday is actually Friday, since I have Friday off. 

    B: PB Banana shake, coffee w/ skim milk
    S: plain ff yogurt w/ protein powder and pecans
    L: Tuna Avocado Salad (= happy tummy)
    S: 1% cottage cheese w/ whole unsalted cashews
    D: Tilapia w/ aspaargus and, um, rice?

    E: rest day!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Jennabob, I saw a thing on the news at the gym about Obama declaring a state of emergency in Rhode Island because of the rain/flooding, and I thought of you. Hope your basement de-floods soon :-)

    b - ff greek yogurt w/ strawberries (and cinnamon! yum!)
    l - turkey on wheat sandwich thin
    s - fiber bar, skinny latte
    d - pork tenderloin, brussels sprouts, sweet potato
    s - pineapple

    e - 40 min treadmill (run/walk)
  • Thanks Ajopus! It is crazy in RI right now....highways are shut down and everything.  Luckily my basement is slowly getting there. Unfortunately, there are lots of people alot worse off than we are.  They are forecasting a beatiful weekend though!!
  • I'm still not sure where the hours went last night, I'm convinced I didn't sleep more than 5 minutes. YAWN
    B: oatmeal w/ strawberries, coffee & soy milk
    S: applesauce & carrots
    L: turkey taco meat, black beans, salsa & light ranch
    D: Salad shop run after the gym

    E: C25K-w1, chest & triceps

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  • B: whole wheat english  muffin w/ PB and low sugar jam, coffee
    S: protein shake
    L: leftover chicken and garlic broccoli w/ brown rice, apple
    S: greek yogurt w/ blueberries
    D: Happy hour w/ the girls: wine and 1/2 steak quesadilla, a few chips and guac ;)

    E: Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper
  • B - banana, coffee with creamer
    S - Luna Bar
    L - reduced fat southwest salad
    D - TBD, will have to be something from the airport, i.e. lots of cals, hence the rest of my food.

    E - Does running through an airport count? I'm leaving to fly to Houston for a conference tonight. Thankfully my hotel seems to have a pretty good gym, so I'm going to try to get 2-3 runs in.
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  • Last night was the first of the Pilates Reformer 8 classes I signed up for at my WSC gym. It was a much lighter workout than what I was expecting, but I think that was due to spending so much time demonstrating the machines and beginner moves. The instructor said that next week the pace would be faster - I hope so. I was only a little sore this morning and I want to feel that burn!
    B: FF Greek yogurt w/strawberries, Kashi GoLean & mixed nuts; black tea w/sugar & H&H
    S: Hommus w/baby carrots; 6 dark-chocolate covered Goji berries (having major choco cravings this week)
    L: Chop't salad with veggies of some sort
    S: Apple with pistachios, tea
    D: Endive salad w/goat cheese, green beans, blood oranges, barley and balsamic vinegar (sounds odd, I know); red wine; 2 oz dark chocolate
    E: Had early morning meeting and tonight meeting friend for happy hour, so none sadly. Tomorrow - trainer!

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  • I want sun!! But we're getting rain until tomorrow...ick!
    Atleast I'm feeling a bit better=)

    B - PB & J toast on ww bread  with milk
    S - yogurt!
    L - a slice of pizza (bad Paige!!)
    S - I have almonds and yogurt but I'm really not hungry yet...?
    D - Heading to mom and dads so we'll see

    E - 25 min walk with the the rain!

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  • B-half a homemade whole wheat bagel w/lite cream cheese and strawberry-rubarb spread
    S-wheat crackers and cheese
    D-fruit salad, pigs in a blanket with turkey smokies, and baby carrots
    D-slice of pound cake
    E-week one day 2 of c25k
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