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Vent/Registry... XP Connecticut

So FMIL blantantly told me today that she would not be buying me things from my registry because they are too expensive, rather, she is going other places (ocean state job lot) to buy me "the exact same thing" except cheaper. Conversation went like this:

FMIL: "What colors and themes are our rooms?"
Me: "Well, our living room is blue, dining room is green and bathrooms are tealish, why?"
FMIL: "Oh, people are just asking me for the shower.." (with a slight smile on her face)
Me: "Oh. Well please inform them that we have registered for things in the colors that we would like, so they don't need to worry about matching, the color is specified!" (thinking I just was super helpful in things)
FMIL: "Well, to be honest, other people are going elsewhere to buy you things like towels, since your registries are so expensive. I've bough several things that were on your registry but cheaper at other places, the same quality though even if it's not the same brand!'
Me: wtf? --- in reality silence..

So, I was thinking...just accept the gifts with a smile, and then return them if they are not of any use to me... right?

I don't mean to sound all crazy, but we have EVERYTHING we need for our house, and everything we registered for is for a particular reason- the color doesn't even matter, but if I registered for a particular type of mixer it's because I reallllyy wanted that one...not so you can get me a different one at ocean state! Gr...okay..vent over.

I just want to end this by honestly saying I am truly greatful that she is thinking of me and buying gifts....just not sure why she won't just buy something off my registry? to make it easy? I'm registered at BBB & target for goodness sake...you can't go much "cheaper" than that...with a wide range of prices on my registr from 2.99-100.00!!!

Re: Vent/Registry... XP Connecticut

  • yeah, just accept the gifts (and return them if you dont need them).  It's nice for people to get gifts at all, but it's annoying that she is purposely directing them away from what you wanted.
  • That's annoying for sure. BBB and Target are definitely not that expensive (C&B or W&S are what I think of when I think "nicer", more expensive registries), and if you have a wide range of items, I don't get what her problem is. Whatever. I'd just smile and accept the gifts, then return them if you hate them/don't need them. Then you can get cash or store credit for things you do want! 
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  • If she brings this up again, I'd kindly comment on how important it is for everyone to include gift receipts. If people are going off registry, you have a higher chance of getting duplicates (although they may not be exactly alike). So, you'll need the reciept to return them. I'd explain it like that, this way she doesn't get too offended by the 'I'm returning that crap because it's not what I want,' although you're totally justified.
  • Yikes!  FI and I are in the same position.  We've decided to upgrade our stuff w/ our registry b/c we recently combined 2 households and have everything we need.  :)  I think it's great you've got 2 registries to choose from and a wide range of things on them.  While FMIL may be saying that about others (going "off-registry")...it may not be true.  Hopefully!!

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  • Wow, I can't believe she would say that!  BBB and Target are not exactly bank breakers when it comes to registeries. 

    I like rlavach's suggestion of reminding her that you will be needing gift receipts with your gifts. :)
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