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November 2011 Weddings

Should We Re-do Our Engagement Photos?

My FI and I had our engagement pics taken over 2 years ago. By the time we send out any wedding invitations, they will be about 3 years old. I'm wondering if we should consider having new pictures taken. We only had them taken the first time because I won a free photo session at a bridal show right after we had become engaged. Getting him  to participate was like pulling teeth, so I don't know if he would even cooperate if I wanted to get new ones taken.
What do you think?
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"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." --The Beatles

Re: Should We Re-do Our Engagement Photos?

  • We aren't even getting engagement pictures taken. We are paying for most of our wedding and I would rather spend that money on the wedding. It's really up to you. The people you invite will know you have been engaged for a while so if they see them they will know that. If it bothers you that they will be a few years old then get them redone. But I think it would be nice to look back at them years from now and see how different you look from the engagement pictures to the wedding photos. I love looking at the pictures from when my fiance and I first started dating to the present. You knid of watch each other grow up through pictures! Good luck!
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  • We're only getting engagement photos because our photographer offers it with our package.  I agree with bridgvh--if it bothers you, redo it.  Otherwise, leave them!
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