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Bella Swan Dress

With Twilight EVERYWHERE again, It reminded me of the Bella Swan wedding dress. Just curious to see if anyone has ever worn her wedding dress... I think Alfred Angelo made a replica of it. I'd love to see pictures of someone else in it!

Re: Bella Swan Dress

  • omg. did you read that one story where they legally changed their name to Cullen?  Obsession much?
  • I tired it on. I looked like a hot mess. The person helping me told me after that she'd only had one bride look good in it.
  • Hmm... you want to wear the wedding dress that represents the union of a creepy young looking but very old vampire who is in a borderline absuive relationship with a 17 year old girl?  SCORE.
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    [QUOTE]Yeah, AA made a reproduction of it and I saw it in a store.  I said "Is that the Twilight dress?  I think I'm going to keep walking."  and the consultant said "I would keep walking too."
    Posted by nancyarahn[/QUOTE]

    Best consultant ever.
    Um and there's a cut out you can pose with???? I pity the groom.

    I truly don't think it's a very flattering dress on any pictures I've seen.
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    Yeah...none of the brids in the pictures I see look especially good in the dress. They don't look awful, but I would definitely suggest keeping looking if I were their friend out shopping...
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  • I like the dress IN THE MOVIE... it looks sweet and pretty.

    But the dress in all the real life photos Ive seen looks cheap and sloppy.  I wouldn't wear that dress anyways because of the association (I wouldn't want people looking at me and thinking "oh she must love twilight").  But I think if it were made exceptionally well, and you had a nice body, it would be a pretty dress.

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    [QUOTE]The buttons on the lace back annoy the garbage out of me. It is one piece of lace, why would you sew buttons to it? Buttons are for, you know, buttoning things together. ETA: Oh gosh, I just looked at the pictures in the links, <strong>the front is awful, it looks like a cheap nightgown. </strong>If you like the style of that dress, find something in lace with sleeves instead of a replica.
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]
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    [QUOTE]omg. did you read that one story where they legally changed their name to Cullen?  Obsession much?
    Posted by cmgilpin[/QUOTE]
    Redic. I've decided that either a) that is the only man in the history of the world to love Twilight THAT much or b) she is really super-duper excellent in bed. 
  • Unless you're a size 00 that dress looks horrible on everyone.
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  • That dress was also custom made for Kristen Stewart, which is WHY it looks good on her. Anything that fitting that covers that much of your body is going to look like trash if it's not custom made or heavily altered.
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    I don't get brides who want to wear a replica of a wedding dress worn by a royal, celebrity or was in a very popular movie.  If I ever attended a wedding where the bride wore a replica of, say Kate Middletons dress, the first thing I would think is "oh, that is so and so's dress", not "oh, that dress is so her."

    The back of Kristen Stewarts dress in Twilight was gorgeous but the rest was blah.  And definitely only someone a size -3 could possibly pull off.

  • that is one gawd awful ugly dress
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  • I'm very skinny, but I still have boobs. I cannot imagine how that dress would work. I don't even think it looks that good on Kristen Stewart. The ceremony site in the movie, though? GORGEOUS! Lose the dress, replicate the venue! 
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