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Now that it has set in that we're actually engaged, I'm beginning to panic a little bit about the planning. It seems that I keep running into walls or obstacles-- partly because I'm planning a WI wedding from CA. Eesh. The only thing that's REALLY done is that I ordered my dress. We've looked at venues and are talking to a few churches... the bridesmaids are trying on dresses and I've been researching and trying to fabricate all the ideals I have in my head... engagement pictures have been shot but are not yet done being processed... and we're still flip flopping between the 11th or the 12th... the 11th is cheaper and easier for us to get back to LA for our cruise on the 13th.. but I prefer saturday weddings and the 12th just sounds better to me. And of course.. we can't send our save the dates until we SET the official date and get those pictures back!

Help! Should I be feeling this overwhelmed? Or am I alone? 


  • You're definitely not alone, I went through lots of panic during those early planning months because that's when there's the most to do (until the big day draws nearer!)  Don't worry about Save the Dates, I'd focus on the venue and church right now and leave the smaller details for later.  I'm over that hump you're working on right now and you'll have PLENTY of time to work on those things.  Deep breaths!
  • Don't panic!  You really have plenty of time.  What's helped me keep from getting overwhelmed is just to focus on only one thing at a time.  So first we found a venue and set a date, then found a photographer, and only then did I start worrying about dresses, first my own, then bridesmaids.  I didn't start a new vendor search until finishing the previous one.  So just concentrate all your energy on one thing, rather than getting stressed out by all the things you still have left to do. 
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