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Band Paris??

Hey all,

I have gotten recommendations for the band Paris. Anyone hear of them or have gone to a wedding where they played? Thanks! They are based out of LI.

Re: Band Paris??

  • AmandalovesAlAmandalovesAl member
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    never heard of them. sorry
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  • juniprjenjuniprjen member
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    hi, my friend had them at her wedding..they were really good! 
  • Laurms15Laurms15 member
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    My sister saw them at a wedding and really liked them. We hired the Projekt for our wedding (I think they have the same management company) and they were AMAZING!
  • GreenIYDGreenIYD member
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    They're amazing. I'm getting married at Russo's on the Bay and they're a house vendor so I've seen them at a number of showcases and I wasn't even keen on the idea of having a band until I saw them.

    I wanted to book them, but they were $$$$, like twice the buedget we had set, so we went with a DJ with live elements instead, but if you have the money and they're free, DO IT! You will NOT regret it.

    Also, go to their website, google them, and find out when their showcases are. You'll be blown away, I swear.

  • MNMC1228MNMC1228 member
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    I heard them New Year's Eve and they were really good!  I was going to look into getting them for my wedding but they are booked that day.
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