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AW Thursday!

What WR/NWR things do you ladies have to brag about this week?!?

Re: AW Thursday!

  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    WR:  I am very close to booking a florist and DJ.

    Nothing else really...
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    Invitations are done! Stamps on and ready to go in a few feeks. I'm so excited to mailbox stalk!

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    We got our first gifts delivered yesterday. 3 big boxes from BB&B and a card from someone else!

    Shower favors and gifts are done! Ready for Sunday!!

    And on a NWR note, I got an 'award' at work this week. Well, tecnically an "honorable mention" for my work on a big contract transition with a large client. I'll take any kind of recognition I can get...it doesn't come easy.
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    MY FI FINALLY MOVED IN LAST NIGHT! YAY! As many of you know, my house deal fell through, so we've been living apart. He finally moved in AND we are under contract to sell my house! Now we get to start our marriage fresh with our own house that we will pick out together! Here's a pic from the move-in.

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    Booked the HM! West Palm Beach and Bahamas..here we come! :)
  • japow1984japow1984 member
    edited December 2011
    My shower is on Sunday!! Super excited!
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    WR: We ordered our STDs and e-pics CD!

    NWR: I have an interview in....55 minutes, lol.  I really REALLY hope it goes well!
    And also, FI's sister is due to have her baby tomorrow!  Can't wait to meet the little girl!
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  • cwimer6154cwimer6154 member
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    My bachelorette party is Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

    And I finished wrapping all of my gifts and made my hotel bags last night.  Only a few more projects to go and it will be all done! 

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  • geduftygedufty member
    edited December 2011
    WR: My family is throwing us a shower on Saturday(in Buffalo) and FI's family is throwing us a shower on Sunday(in Milford). I tried on my dress last night and it fit like a glove! Also, we mailed our invitations this week. Getting so close...yippee!!

    NWR: I get a bonus in my check this week for work...whoot!
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    WR: The 1st gift from our registry was purchased and our invites come in today!

    NWR: Nothing :(
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    WR-Got the STDs all addressed and stamped! 

    NWR- Having our first yard sale this weekend! SO MUCH WORK!!! But I am almost done.  Whatever doesn't sell is going start to Salvation Army!
  • queenfm85queenfm85 member
    edited December 2011
    WR: Found the cutest clutch on etsy so I shall be ordering those soon which puts a CHECK for bridesmaid gifts. Trying to figure out if my invites should include maps? Also decided I'm going to work on my own aisle runner so I'm trying to find the time to create my design :)

    NWR: Thinking about looking for another job... I can't stand retail anymore. Argh
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    WR: Putting together our invitations tonight with my mom and sisters. Got a couple of shower gifts for our shower on Aug. 15th!!

    NWR: Having a get together with friends this weekend and celebrating our fur baby's first birthday. (It was FI's idea)
  • Thumper1148Thumper1148 member
    edited December 2011
    AW:  Still researching and compairing locations for the reception.

    NRW:  Going camping this weekend.  Even using some vacation time to make it a 4 day weekend.  :)
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    WR:  Today I paid off my dress, book my photographer & videographer, picked up my bands, and booked my florist!!   Check, Check, Check Check!!!!
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