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PSA: Effie's Heart

One of my all time favorite clothing companies, Effie's Heart rarely has a sale, but I just got an email that they have a ton of stuff 30% off. I'm pretty excited, so I thought I'd share. If you love vintage and 40's-esque clothing, this is a good day for you!

I think I'm going to break my 2009 resolution today and buy some clothes. I made it all but 9 days. That counts, right?

Re: PSA: Effie's Heart

  • Clothes, shoes, or accessories. I bought a wedding dress, wedding shoes, and wedding jewelry. I also got $30 in Kohl's cash when I bought my BM gifts, so I used that to get a pair of jeans I desperately needed, and I got a pair of shoes for $10 on clearance. But aside from that, nothing!

    It sucked. I'm never doing that again!
  • Amazing that you stuck with it though! Way to go :] I should try somethin glike that next year :]
  • Oh! the sale doesn't start until Dec. 26! And runs through Jan. 2. Guess what I'll be doing on Jan. 1 at midnight? :) Resolution intact!
  • Thanks a lot Bec!  I've never heard of that store before and just checked out the website and LOVE it.  Now I'll have to go spend money.  :P
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  • So, uh, I told Wes about your NY resolution.  He said "THAT'S A GREAT IDEA, YOU SHOULD FOLLOW HER EXAMPLE."

    Foot in mouth
  • I applaud you for keeping your resolution - that would never work with me. Nice work!
  • Yeah, good job with the resolution!  No way I could ever do that, I'd have to cut off our internet and go nowhere but work and home!
  • Wow Bec! Go you! That's great, were you just trying to cut down on spending?
  • I really haven't been to the mall in a year, other than to run in for someone else, or take my daughter. It's been tough, but I had to have saved thousands of dollars, that I spent on a stupid wedding and still am not any better off at the end of the year. :)

    Heels, NEVER tell a man about something so stupid! :)

    I bought a jacket in Baltimore two years ago and it's the Bella Hoodie, and it has Hemmingway's childhood home screened on the back. It was so different and funky that I bought it, then searched online and found the store. All the tops are soft jersey that is just so comfortable, but with just enough flair and funk to not look like a tee shirt. I absolutely love everything I buy there. I have a dress, pants and a hat picked out to buy on Jan. 1!
  • Whit, I just wanted to see if I could do it, and then I wanted to cut spending to pay for the wedding. I honestly figured I wouldn't make it past Jan. 3rd. But, I did it! All but the $40 that wasn't out of pocket anyway. I don't even drool over clothes anymore. I've learned to just wear what I have, and dress it up or down. I had too muchshit to begin with, though, IMO.

    I will confess that my sister thought it was a horrible resolution, and she has given me gifts for every stinkin holiday this year. Shoes for Valentine's Day, a shirt for Easter, etc. I love that girl.
  • I have pants, a shirt, and a hat picked out but it's over $100!  My H would die.

    Page 4 with the long bicycle pants.

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  • I guess PIP is working again
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  • Dang it Bec!

    I'm not supposed to be spending money on myself either.  You're not supposed to tell me about sales until after the new year.
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    Dani, wait until 12.26 and it's ALL 30% off, so you'll have $66 instead of $100. :)

    I want the bicycle capris, the metro hat and the capulet dress. Happy New Year to ME!

    Bicycle CaprisCapulet Dress in BerryMetro Cap
  • I will wait!  :)

    I found a shop not too far from me that carries it and some other lines as well, so I might check out that store sometime too for fun to see what else they have. 
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