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budget for honeymoon

how would my fiancee and i stay in a good enough budget so that we are too broke after words?

Cause my fiancee thinks that if we go on a honeymoon that we won't have enough money to have to place to live at..

So any advise will work.

Re: budget for honeymoon

  • hm. it depends how much money you have to begin with and where you plan on living.
    we want a house ONE DAY and i want furniture lol..so we decided not to go all out and waste our last dime on a honeymoon..so we are taking a cruise in the caribbean and just renting an apt for some time to recoup from the wedding expenses and save up some money for a down payment on a house...THEN we can take an insane anniversary trip before we have kids ;)
  • it totally depends on what your budget is for housing, etc. and how much you make.  some people would say $500 is appropriate, others would say $10,000.  We spent $3000 on flights, hotels/ai, insurance, etc.  we will probably spend another $1000 in excursions/additional stuff.
  • plan a budget and stick to it. book a HM that fits within the budget.


  • My adviCe is - if you can't afford to take a HM now, just wait and go when you can afford it. Otherwise start figuring out how much you can spend without cutting out any necessities for home/food/car, etc. And then figure out where you can afford to go and for how long
  • We too, are in a similar situation. We COULD spend all the money we have saved up, which isn't much, and have a really awesome honeymoon somewhere spectacular. But what it all boils down to is this : Where ever we go we will make special. Every year on our anniversary we go to pizza hut because thats where we had our first date back in highschool, it brings back memories and its really special to us, even though its not to other people.
    we don't want to skip our honeymoon because we would never have one otherwise because there is always something else you could use the money on. We are keeping it local and going to Door County, WI. It's only a 4 hour drive for us and its full of romance and things to do. We are spending approx. $800 on the honeymoon which is 5 days. I would say look around your area for things you could do, you would be suprised at how much good ol' America has to offer ;)

  • If you're broke, wait. A honeymoon is about a mindset, not about how much money you spend or where you go.
  • How do you stay on budget? That is simple-- pick a number and do not even think about going over, as hard as it it. Since I don't know your budget, I can't give any more suggestions than that. If a honeymoon is really important to you, then don't have an extravagant wedding or do a destination wedding wherever you choose to honeymoon. If going on one will break the bank, then wait or do a mini moon. Lots of people go to local resorts for a weekend and only spend a couple hundred bucks.
  • Go on Expedia.com or Travelzoo for deals and find one you can afford, I think not going on a honeymoon for stupid furniture sounds depressing.  You can always get furniture from friends and 2nd hand shops... until you can afford others.. My advice is to go and enjoy each other AWAY!
  • We had talked about a HM since we got engaged.  We settled on a place, I found a cheap, but nice, place to stay...then a day later after booking, we sat down and talked and there is no financial way that we can afford to take one right now.  Was I disappointed? Yes...Do I want to go on a HM right away? Yes...but, we made a deal that we would work on paying stuff down (since he will finally be done with school and start a real job after the wedding - he went back to school in the fall at the age of 25) and save for a HM that we really want for our 1 yr. anniversary.  He has said that we could go camping for a few days (something both of us enjoy and it's cheap) after the wedding...do I want to do that instead of a nice relaxing HM someplace, not really...but I probably will just to get away with him.

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