Had to change my date... :(

So I called the place I fell in LOVE with for the reception, only to find out that they already had an event scheduled for that day....  :( I loved that place so much though so after a little bit of thought and realizing that there was really no reason why I couldn't move the date (the photographer I already booked is very flexible!), we decided to move it 1 week ahead of where it was. There was no centimental reason we chose the original date so everything worked out for the best. I am one who believes that everything happens for a reason and something/someone out there really didn't want me to get married on May May 12th it is!!  Happy Planning Ladies!!
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Re: Had to change my date... :(

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    Glad you were able to work out an arrangement:)  Good Luck!
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    well...good luck!  idk...but i would have a hard time deciding to change my date too...its like so engrained in my head right now... but if i had in your situation... i would definately do it.  and to think of it, you are lucky because you will be married 1 WEEK EARLIER....YAY!

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