Getting in Shape

Some inspiration for your Wednesday from Shaun T.

From his FB page:

"Motivation... It's sometime hard to know how to find it.

Self even tougher when faced with obstacles to overcome.

Today is the day to search for one of the above and try to work toward an obstacle that may be in your way of LIVING.
Are you in a fight with a spouse and neither of you are addressing the issue?

Are you contemplating on starting your new nutrition plan?

Are you procrastinating on a deadline and you know it's something that can easily be accomplished or achieved?

TAKE THIS MOMENT AND FIND YOUR MOTIVATION! Make a step toward settling the score so that you can have peace. Addressing the issue is sometimes hard but the end result will leave you feeling like you can fly.

I've been there and still sometimes go through these situations but my key is to motivate myself to move positively forward."
Find your motivation today.  Happy Wednesday!

Everything the light touches is my kingdom.

Re: Some inspiration for your Wednesday from Shaun T.

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