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August 2010 Weddings

Productive wedding day!

This morning my mom and I met with the wedding coordinator to finalize the details for decorating our reception room. It was awesome. I showed her pictures of what I liked for centerpieces and she immediately understood my vision and had great ideas. I said I wanted limes and so she is going to do tons of limes in vases with floating candles. She is getting hydrangeas and limes from a wholesaler so we will save tons of money. I am so relieved that all I have to do is put all my wedding crap in a plastic bin and give it to her the week before the wedding and everything is taken care of. Best $650 ever spent.

We also found BM gifts. We scored some adorable/cheap compacts at Forever 21 and "Kiss Me" lip gloss from Philosophy. "Kiss Me" is mine and FI's song, so it was perfect lip gloss... ok you can all gag now. The philosophy lady was like "I love weddngs" so she went to their stock room and hooked us up with some awesome perfume and lotion sample packs to throw in their gift baskets. (Macy's in Schaumburg for you Chicago ladies)

My mom found awesome shoes for the RD and wedding, too. I just need to find a RD dress and a RD shirt for FI.

The only downside is that the hotel for our hotel block is awful. They told us today that they can't guarantee the rooms that people have already reserved and confirmed... so that did not go over well. My dad has graciously volunteered to be an ahole with the hotel, so knottie vibes to him on that one. If I have to fight with the hotel, I don't care, but when my guests check in, I want everything to be perfect.

How is everyone elses' productivity going this weekend?
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Re: Productive wedding day!

  • Wow thats great!!

    I'm also having an amazingly productive weekend! We booked our honeymoon yestserday, I started painting my aisle runner today (half way done) We were going to do the tuxes but the store was closed :(
    Mailing invites on Tuesday, and got the spray paint to paint the I DO letters I bought.
    Not bad!
  • rktorkto member
    what do you mean? they cant guarantee rooms that are already booked... what does that mean?
  • yeah...what does that mean? I didn't consider that as a possible disaster. Ugh.

    I didn't have anything planned for this weekend because I'm working but I went to work on a DIY garter and finished it within an hour! Hand sewed! No bling or anything. Just a plain garter made with our colors but I think that's all I want. And it was so cheap to make. So happy I can check that off my list. 
  • It means that we have in our contract 3 two bedroom suites reserved. Two of them have already been booked by family. The hotel is telling us that even though our family members have confirmed reservations with a credit card, they may not have a two bedroom suite when they show up for the wedding, even though they reserved that rom months in advance. Basically they are not honoring our room block and they may or may not honor guaranteed reservations. The only reason we are using this hotel is because they are adjacent to the reception.

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  • Wow, so the hotel is saying that even though they have booked and put a deposit for the rooms, they might end up wit nowhere to stay?  I hope your Dad goes to town on them!!!
    Apart from that your weekend sounded very productive!  Well done!!!

    We didn't do any wedding stuff this weekend, I really have to take a good look at my To-Do list tomorrow.
  • Hmmm I feel like that hotel nonsense is some garbage...do you not have the room block situation described in writing?  We have a contract with ours.  Always get it in black and white!  Or I guess always have a dad willing to go ape sh!t on them for being unprofessional...haha

    But congrats on the WR success this weekend apart from that!
  • We do have a written contract, but they aren't honoring it.
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  • re: blocked rooms-  wuuuuut.  that's sucky :(  do the suites cost more than the regular rooms?  if so, they'd best be honoring your request for those suites, unless they want to comp the rooms and breakfasts at the hotel!  i'd be all over that, grrr.  I'm sending your dad some knottie "git r done" vibes! 

    re: Gifts-  I <3 Philosophy!  That's such a cute idea :)  Their samples are fan-freaking-tastic.  I had my makeup trial at the Philosphy counter in March (planning on doing my own makeup) and I got TONS of swag.  It was a beautiful day there :)

    re: weekend planning- FI and I went wedding band shopping yesterday and I know what ring I am going to get him now, yay!  Today we're having 15 people over for a cookout so we're going to be in NWR mode all day.
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  • there is a contract but they're not honoring it?! what's the point in even doing contracts then? i don't know anything about laws but it seems there should be something you could do to MAKE them.. besides the dad thing i mean. and my dad would do the same, in a heartbeat!

    only WR for me is i sent me invites out yesterday yay! =)
  • rktorkto member
    that is garbage.  I think whoever you spoke to was mixed up.
    if it is written down and deposits were paid, then you are in.  that is ridiculous.

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