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How did you pick your destination?

Hi everyone!  We got engaged over a month ago and have not gotten very far.  I feel awkward that we dont know where we want to get married...we would like a destination wedding...location undecided...we have batted around the idea of Vegas, North Carolina - either the mountains or Outer Banks, and the Virgin Islands, and Florida.  A few places in NC we are planning on visiting in the next 2 months and I am obviously drawn to the beach (I'm a pisces) which puts Las Vegas last, but my entire family loves Vegas (who doesn't?) We want a small wedding and on a tight budget.  I'm just looking for inspiration on how people chose their destination and dates.  I have been trolling sites for ideas but its just leaving me more confused than ever!  Thanks for any input!

Re: How did you pick your destination?

  • We're really considering Hawaii as it is my favorite place that I have ever visited. If you're looking for something less expensive....I recommend Florida. The beaches in Destin and the surrounding areas are gorgeous. Seaside is particularly quaint and beautiful. Good luck!
  • We both have always loved the beach and the ocean.  Living in Southern California affords us a chance to do a beach wedding.  But we also wanted a small wedding with just close family and friends.  So we opted for Maui.  Because if we were to host a wedding locally I would have to fight with family about the number of relatives invited. 
  • I'm also doing a destination wedding and it was also difficult for us to decide so I feel your pain!! You want to pick something that's special to both of you , or where you both would enjoy spendinga  possible honeymoon afterwards? Both my FI and I wanted to do Jamaica just b/c it was where we got engaged and honestly the best vacation we've both ever been on. It' sbeautiful and the people are so wonderful!! we ended up picking Mexico, however, b/c we just fell in love w/ one specific place and it was my dream visiion of what I want my wedding to be. Just keep options open and I know it can be a headache lookng through all the sites, but what I did was go onto a travel site (like expedia or orbitz) and just put in different destinations, chek out the resorts in each of those destinations and then narrow it down to what you've liked best. It def is overwhelming so I would do 1 destination per day. good luck and CONGRATS!!! 
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