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Where to do winter engagement pics?

We're planning to do an engagement shoot with our photographer in the next month or so to get pics for our save the dates.  But I'm having a hard time thinking of where to do it since it is winter!  Did anyone have a cool place to recommend?  Ideal location anywhere between Boston and NH (since that's where she's from).  Some ideas have been:  Newburyport, the beach, Boston Public Library.  She suggested we look for places with neat textures and lighting.  Any other ideas?

Re: Where to do winter engagement pics?

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    All of those ideas sound great..
    Recently there was a fellow winter e-pic knottie that posted the MOST amazing pictures, not sure where she had them done now, but if I can remember maybe a public park? If you go back a few pages you may be able to check them out - they were magical!
  • Shazzie116Shazzie116 member
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    Here's the link to the blogged winter e-pics of knottie "lundar", I'm sure you could find a cool spot do get some great shots! Just think of the overall feel you want. Do you want city pics? Wintery woodsy pics? And have fun!

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    Comm Ave should still have the lights up on the trees. That would be beautiful at night!
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    What kind of feel/look is important to your and your FI? Do you have a theme for your wedding? Those snow pics of lunders were amazing, look like they're in a park or something. Maybe Boston Common? But then you'd have to pick a date with snow? 

    I've seen wedding pictures at Boston Library - they looked amazing (I think it's like $30k to have your wedding there), I think someone once mentioned getting e-pictures at the Liberty hotel? But maybe they were getting married there also? I wonder if a hotel would let you get your pictures done there - where's your wedding?

    Sorry not to be more help!
  • noodle_oonoodle_oo member
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    Hi Guys!  Thanks for the help!  Actually, I have the same photog at Lundar, her pics are what made us decide to do a minishoot in the winter.  I think we might do Newburyport.  Too hard to time it for fresh snow!  Thanks!  I'll post them when we finally do them!
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