Sharing Flowers on Maui =-)

Hey girls! I'm having a hard time with thinking of spending thousands on flowers for our wedding....soooo I was thinking if someone is getting married April 29, 2011, April 30, 2011 in the morning, or May 1, 2011 that we could share the cost of flowers (using the same flowers).

Has anyone ever done this? Are you or anyone you know getting married on Maui having their wedding during this time?

What do you girls think? Good idea? Just hoping to keep costs down for everyone!

Let me know. Thanks!


Re: Sharing Flowers on Maui =-)

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    I can totally relate to your feeling!  I think my jaw dropped to the floor when I first saw our floral estimates...I've gradually gotten used to the idea and now in 'acceptance' mode.  ;)  Sorry I can't help you out, since our wedding is a week after yours.  However, you might want to think about what type of flowers you're planning to use, because some last longer than others.  Some types bruise/brown easily, so just something to be aware of.

    Another cost-saving tip is many knotties have chosen to DIY flowers or else you can order them via Costco with Maui Florals.  You can also do smaller pieces or else buy glass vases and submerge orchids in water.  Some brides used pineapples with some flowers and a monstera leaf as centerpieces, which I thought worked well.  HTH!!  :)

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    My florist bill between AHR and DW is about $250-$300 because I flat out refused to spend $1000's on something that would be dead in a day or two.

    Is it really important to you to have flower centrepieces? If it is spend the money so you don't look back with regret.... if it isn't there are alternitives i.e I love orchids but to lessen the cost I did bubble bowls with other items in them with only 2 dendrobium orchids in each bowl (12 tables... I only need 24 orchids + what I'm using on the cake and scattered down the head table)..... dendrobiums weren't my first chioice but they are pretty, vibrant and only $20 for 7 stems with each having about 10 blooms on it. All other stuff I used in the centrepiece I'll post on craigslist and try and make some of my money back - if I don't it's all good too. This option isn't for everyone or suit everyone's taste but there are other options out there that still look good with minimal floral purchase (pics in bio). Other than that I ordered some palm leaf for super cheap to add scattered greenery around the room and my wedding package included our lei's and bridal bouquet. I purchased about $100 extra of lei's and corsages for special guests.
    I also don't have BM's so I don't need to purchase bouquets for that but you do have an option to do DIY bouquets?? and I've heard other knotties talk about cheaper alternatives like Costco for extra lei's and bouquets?
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    I think this is a great idea! If I were getting married on those dates, I would go for it. Try putting an ad for this on Craigslist if you don't get anyone with the same dates on TheKnot. I can also put a free ad for you in the Maui Bulletin if you want. 
  • mauilove2011mauilove2011 member
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    I can't share as by the sounds of it we are getting married at the same time - afternoon and evening of 30 April? Just wanted to reply though as very excited to find someone else getting married on the same date in Maui! We are getting married at Olowalu, how about you? I'm just trying to sort out flowers now too, but finding it hard to settle on a colour scheme...
  • vvolenvvolen member
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    Ya, getting married at 4:00pm in Haiku at a private residence overlooking the ocean =)

    That is awesome! We are wedding twins! Good luck to you!

    Wish we could share!
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