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September 2010 Weddings

Mo' Money No Money

I have the no money woes. Every once in a while I freaking panic over this wedding and what it's costing. FI is an "it'll all be ok" person, and I am a calculator/excel spread mistress. He has some potential deals coming in that will really make me happy if they are a lock. Otherwise I'm going to be counting pennies next month due to a few unforeseen expenses that have cropped up (dog health, my tooth, etc etc).

And we've gotten 105 responses (as in people, not in actual cards). 103 of them are coming.

Will the nos be later? Please say yes. I'd like a few nos so I can knock the cash down a peg.

That concludes my whining for the day.

Re: Mo' Money No Money

  • We are in the same row bow, rowing against the current of money... I feel your pain. And Fi and I have the exact same dynamic as you guys! Also Im reeealllly hoping the nos come last. I thinking this: they arent coming so they put it off cause theyre not like excited and then theyre like oh, gotta send this ish back!
  • You are in good company, Stephanie.  I lie awake most nights wondering how the hell I'm going to make final payments for the DJ, videographer, photographer, and dance floor (yes, I have to rent a dance floor)!  I've been such a "frugalista" during this whole planning process - I'm a regular on the Budget Board for cryin' out loud! - but I still feel like I'm struggling.  FI is already paying the officiant fee, dance lessons, and honeymoon, so he's definitely paying his fair share and then some, so I can't ask him for anything more.  I wish I would win the lottery!!
  • Without a doubt-especially on the rsvp side.  We contracted at only 150 since everyone is coming from out of state pretty much.  We know we are going to go over and admittedly are worried about the cash but we just hope we don't go over capacity at the venue :(
  • I agree with Lia although we got first no yesterday  and I went through the list and counted about 20 more I def know will say no!
  • The Nos will come they'll prob. be the last ones you get. people are just slow with getting things back.. Don't worry.. I've gotten a few so far and would like 30 more.. I know of a bunch that will probably say no, but until I get them ill be freaking out... i really don't want 246 I only want 200 that's what we have paid off and then the rest my parents and I have to split and i really don't feel like opening my checkbook anymore.. Id like to enjoy some of the money we got from my shower for our honeymoon
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  • I'm worried about going over as well.  I keep hoping we'll get some nos so the count can balance out but none yet.  We contracted  for 160 adults and 13 kids.  Money, money, money.  Arrgh
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