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    [QUOTE]Yeah I'm going to say I completely disagree with this whole "you're doing it wrong" mentality.  I mean, that's great for those people who every decision and step of their wedding is going smoothly, but seriously?  Is it really wrong to be upset if your bridesmaids are putting up a fit when you ask for help?  You pick them as your bridesMAIDS because they are there to HELP you while you are planning this GIANT party.  My mom gets stressed when we have Mother's day at our house, and that's only for 30 people!  I would LOVE to have not had stressful, sleepless nights during my engagement, but there is SO MUCH to do that it gets overwhelming!  Plus, you have to make all the people involved happy, and since 99% of the time, you have to figure out who's opinion is the most important without hurting the feelings of others.  You can't please everyone all the time, and if for those who's planning is going so smoothly, you don't CARE who you please, well then YOU are the ones who are acting like the wedding IS all about YOU.
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