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Excellence Riviera Cancun vs. Secrets Maroma

Hi Ladies!
Have you been to either? Which is better? Anyone go in hurricane season?
FI are looking for beautiful beaches, great scenery, water sports.
TiA :)

Re: Excellence Riviera Cancun vs. Secrets Maroma

  • FI and I looked at both of those places and narrowed it down to Secrets. We read a ton of reviews...they both have good reviews. In the end we got a much better deal with Secrets. Our TA found us a GREAT deal at Secrets Capri Riviera. She has been there and she loves it. 
  • My older sister just got back from her honeymoon at Secrets Meroma.  They loved it.  The only complaint they had was the ar conditioners in the rooms.  Evidently, they run on sensors so if you stop moving the air conditioning goes off.  But overall, they said they liked it a lot.
  • I've been to both and loved both!
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